Bouldering in Ireland: update on 3rd edition

Recently I have been getting a few messages about Bouldering in Ireland, from people who are looking to get a copy of the 2nd edition (which is out of print) or wondering when the 3rd edition will be out (not soon, is the short answer). The first edition of the guide was published in 2011, […]

October visit to the Island

After exactly a month since my last visit I made it back to the Island for two nights with the Big Unit. Our main goal was to build a woodshed to store firewood. The plan was to make a relatively small (2.4m x 1.2m) open-sided shed. Previously we had stored our wood in the cottage […]

Indian Summer on the Island

Five of us spent two nights on the island, managing to time our trip to coincide with last week’s spell of sunshine. With no urgent tasks we took it easy and made the most of the fine weather.  As high tide fell very early in the morning and in the evening we had a leisurely […]

Summer on the island

After a much longer than expected gap I got back to the island last weekend. Having had a good run of visits over the winter and spring I had planned to keep the momentum going through the summer but life got in the way.  However with four nights to spend on the island I was […]

Ireland’s Longest Beach

Ireland is rightly famous for its variety of beautiful beaches, from vast sandy strands to hidden rocky coves. This raises the question: which is it longest beach? Read on to find out, the answer may surprise you… Before I give the answer I just want to mention the criteria I used: firstly I measured each […]

Bikepacking Kerry, Ireland

After spending over 18 months researching, photographing and cycling over 100 routes for my guidebook, Cycling in Ireland, one route stands out above all the others. Called the Tour of Iveragh, it’s a 207km loop around the coast and mountains of Iveragh, the middle of the three peninsulas that jut out into the Atlantic from […]

Wild Dublin

Just put together this map of Dublin’s wild places: rivers, stream, fields, parks, farms, forest, beaches, wetlands and uplands. Everything man-made has been removed, with the exception of the canals, piers and docks. The contours give a feel for the terrain that is lost when it’s covered in buildings. They make you realise how close […]

The Island – March trip

Last weekend I got over to the island on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday morning after getting plenty of work done. As the island is surrounded by very shallow water there is no deep water access. At all but the highest low tides the island is completely surrounded by some the stickiest mud you […]

Heading to the island in the morning

For years I kept a regular blog back in the pre-social media days. I found it a good way of crystallising things and it also served as a good reminder of what I’ve been up to. So I’m going to try and resurrect my blogging habit. I’m going to use my ‘work’ site as it’s […]

3rd edition of Bouldering in Ireland

The 2nd edition of Bouldering in Ireland has been out of print for a few months making now the ideal time to update the guide and release a third edition. The 2nd edition was published in late 2013 and contained fairly minor updates. The design stayed the same but mistakes were corrected, grades tweaked and […]