What grade is a pull up?

Image created with www.wordle.net As part of writing the guide I will have to spend a good bit of time thinking and talking about grades – whether I like it for not. Grades are a nessacary evil. Their purpose is to indicate problems  which one might have a reasonable chance of success or an entertaining […]

Photo topos

The web version of the bouldering guide has very few photo topos ie. photos of cliff or boulders with the lines of problems superimposed on them. There were a few reasons for that firstly if the guide was printed in low definition black and white on an ordinary printed most topos would be unreadable, secondly […]

The Plan

The plan is to do the guide is three phases, firstly the dublin area, secondly the wicklow area and thirdly the rest of the country. At the moment I’m not really able to travel much so this way makes sense. Plus if I find the task of doing the guide to the whole country is […]

New print guide

TheShortSpan is 10 years old soon. I can’t remember its birthday but it was some time before the end of February 2000 Check it out on archive.org  here and here. This website started off with some very scant information about bouldering in a few obscure spots in Dublin and Wicklow. It grew as bouldering become […]