Gap Of Dunloe Climbing Meet

  Had the pleasure of the Gap Of Dunloe climbing meet last weekend. We drove down via Mallow rather than Limerick, not sure if it was the quickest route, it took around 4.5 hours. Had a few pints in Kate and another few tins around the fire at the campsite before getting to bed, woke […]

Marking major and minor problems

I have done a sample topo with minor problems marked as colored rings – the color indicating the difficulty. What do people think, should the major problem also be marked with a colored circle or would this be too much information?


Should a star system be included in the guide? Currently there isn’t one. The idea behind one would be to direct people to the best problems quickly and easily. The disadvantage for me is that its another – after grading – attempt to absoultely quantify the unquantifiable. As in grading democracy doesn’t tend to work, […]

“Wicklow Recreational Strategy” and bouldering

A report was recently published on Wicklow Recreational Strategy and it has a few small mentions of bouldering in it. “A thriving membership Most activities had clubs that were based in the county and were knowledgeable about and sensitive to access issues. This helped to reduce any potential for conflict in the use of the […]

The upper slopes of Camaderry

Diarmuid and I spent yesterday trekking up down and across the rocky slopes of the north side of Camaderry. We saw a lot of rock, more than I have seen in a long time, the fire of Summer 2007 really cleaned the place up and the going is quite easy at the moment with no […]

Portrane – you don’t have to be mad to climb their but it helps

Only messing. Was in Portrane today for the first time in years. Weather looked dodge on the way but it brightened up soon after we arrived. We arrived about 1.5 hours after low tide. The Arch was very wet with seepage, the Alley was damp but was drying fast, Pirates Cove was dry in places […]

The slopes of Three Rock

Many years ago I got tipped off by my almost namesake Darragh Flanagan that the quarries on the lower slopes of Three Rock might contain some bouldering, I didn’t think much of it at the time but obviously stored it away deep in memory. A while ago I was using Bing Map’s birds eye view […]


Just did this up. I like the idea of blurring the boundary between action photos and topos, this photo while not great – what is Ped looking at and where are his shoes? – illustrates what I’m trying to do. Going to be a thick book if I do them all like this though. I […]

Dalkey Quarry bouldering

I’m trying to decide how much of the quarry bouldering to have in the guide. In the latest web edition of the guide I have a photo topo for Ivy Wall and the Traverse Wall in the West Quarry. Ivy Wall is definitely going to get in. Not sure about the traverse wall, is there […]


I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to represent tree on my topos. I reckon there are 3 ways Color- Main disadvantage is that I don’t want to use color in my topos just black,white and grey. And large blocks of grey would look crap. Side profile – This seems to be the […]