David Flanagan is a climber, writer and freelance journalist from Dublin, Ireland.

I have been climbing for nearly 20 years, focusing mostly on exploring and developing new bouldering problems and areas across Ireland. From the early days of my climbing career I kept notes and drew topos and maps of my discoveries, eventually I started to gather this information on a website, theshortspan.com. In 2010 I was made redundant from my boring computers job and decided that the time was right to publish a proper guide to Bouldering in Ireland. And just over a year later I self-published my first book, Bouldering in Ireland.

I recently formed Three Rock Books and in late September 2013 I published my second book Bouldering Essentials. There are plans to produce a second edition of Irish bouldering guidebook, Bouldering in Ireland, which is currently available as an ebook. The next project will then be a select guide to Irish rock climbing, see more about this book here.

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