The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Six days into our trip the big passes were behind us and we had only a few days of easy riding through the wide river valleys before returning to UB and flying home. After a gentle 40km we stopped in the early afternoon at a glade of larch trees beside the road. Even though the […]

Ireland’s most remote point?

It’s not that surprising that as our world becomes increasingly tame that we place more value on the remaining wild places. The rising profile of the principle of rewilding and the prominence of  #adventure etc etc on social media points towards a reaction against the always connected, always on lifestyle. There is a huge amount […]

Mongolia Bikepacking – logistics

Some information about the logistics of my trip to Mongolia. You can find a post on the gear I used here. Next up will be blow by blow account of the trip. Flying I flew into Ulaanbaatar (ULN) via London Heathrow and Moscow. The only other options are to fly from Beijing or Istanbul. From […]

Mongolia Bikepacking – gear review

Before the trip I spent a lot of time researching what gear I should bring and considering how well everything worked out I think that was time well spent. I didn’t bring much that I didn’t need or use. I could have left a few items behind but overall, and especially considering we were unsure […]

Fontainebleau: Survival Guide

I’ve been to Fontainebleau once or twice a year for the last dozen or so years, usually in early or late winter. Each year the trip, even though much anticipated, seems to come around very quick and I haven’t done as much training as I would like. Having never been much of a wad I’ve […]

Update on access to Dún Séanna Head, Kerry

I got the following update from the Mountaineering Ireland access officer about access to the climbing at Dún Séanna Head, Dingle, Kerry. The sandstone cliffs of Dunshean Head, just east of Dingle are attracting an increased number of climbers. Patrick Farrell, the new landowner at Dunshean has requested that people planning to climb there text […]

Fatbiking the Wicklow coast

In the eighties mountain bikes were known as ‘all terrain bikes’, a term that lives on today in the French for mountain bike – velo tout terrain. But in recent years the concept of a bike that could go anywhere has fallen by the wayside, mountain biking has become increasingly specialised, and the bikes have […]