Guide preview – Glenmalure

I have uploaded a 4 page preview of the Glenmalure section of the guide. Two reasons. To give people a chance to comment on how it looks and to encourage people to check out the bouldering in Glenmalure. If anyone does get out there and does anything new or gets any good photos I would […]

Fraughan Glen and Art’s Lough

Went to Glenmalure yesterday to meet Lee from Betaguides and his wife. On the drive down there was a few showers but the day turned out to be perfect summer bouldering conditions, sunny, very windy and dry. We first checkout Fraughan Rock. Lee repeated John’s problem on the backside. Looks great slopey moves. (John did […]

Ayton’s Cave update

John Howard has cleaned up some of the projects in the Cave, he posted details on the new problem database – thanks John. Seeing as pretty much every problem/link goes through Caroline’s Traverse and Loco Total would people care to comment on their grades. The original grades given by Dave and Caroline were V4/5 and […]

Holiday Boulders, Glendo

Was up at the Holiday Boulders in Glendo yesterday. Very nice up there and a good option to potentially escape the midge. I hadn’t been up there for years but the groove on the holiday boulder had stuck in my mind. Its very impressive looks like it will be hard and super technical. Hugh looked […]

Overview Maps

Which is better?EDIT I have added a third image that combines elements of both the other two.

Ayton’s Cave

Finally paid a visit to the cave on Friday. Arrived at 10.30, low tide was at 10 according to Howth Yacht Club. Tim and I were cave virgins and Barry was our guide being a veteran of 4 visits. When we arrived Barry pronounced it drier than he has seen it before, the key probably […]


Was in Derryrush today. Got some photos with the timer. My trousers got very wet on the walk in so I had a few goes without them. Then I just decided everything else had to go – except the chalk bag natch. Felt quite nice though you wouldn’t want to do a chinmey in the […]


I think everyone is agreed that the first ascentist of a problems has earned the right to name the problem. Even if sometimes the names are shit and irksome and painful to say out loud. Boulder are often named sometimes after a problem on them or the area they are in or sometimes its something […]


Was checking out around Gurteen near Roundstone in Galway today. Very sunny and nice. Only did a small bit of bouldering as the child started complaining. Found one very nice but low roof that I hadn’t seen on previous visits. The holds were lovely on it. Some powerful low starts, slaps to the slopey lip […]

Delph Valley

Was checking out Delphi Valley on last Saturday (12th). I only got to go to the River Boulder which is only a minute or two from the Center but the lads got to Third Rock from the Bog which looks great and well worth a visit. The rock- incredably solid cobble sandstone – in the […]