Project giveaway #3

This is a nice, not far off the beaten track but not in an established area either. I found this a good few years ago, I have been back once or twice but not recently. I’m highlighting one problem but there is plenty more to go at here. The problem is a slap to the […]

Thoughts after the Font trip

I’m been home from my trip to Fontainebleau for just over a week now. It’s only in the last few days that I have felt fully recovered. The only lingering effects at this stage are slightly sore wrists and really good skin on my finger tips. We had four full days in Font, the weather […]

Rock Climbing in Ireland is printed

I got the advance copies yesterday, the rest are to follow tomorrow or the next day hopefully. I’m very pleased with it, the printer did a great job. Check it out…

Project giveaway #2

Two weeks ago I started the project giveaway. Every Friday I will post up a photo of an unclimbed boulder problem in Wicklow and give the location. I was in Font last Friday so am late with this (last) weeks. Anyway here it is. An immaculate concave slab of pristine granite in Mall Hill. It’s […]

Colour proofs for Rock Climbing in Ireland

Just got the colour proofs for Rock Climbing in Ireland. It’s looking good, really nice, vivid colours. It’s the same printer that did the second edition of Bouldering in Ireland and Bouldering Essentials so I’m confident they are going to do a great job.

Rock Climbing in Ireland is at the printers

Finally I got Rock Climbing in Ireland to the printers on Wednesday, only a day late. I should have copies ready for sale on the 6th of November, well in advance of the Christmas rush.

Fair Head preliminary route selection

The Prow So the biggest and best is left until last. An probably the most decisive as well. Fair Head  is a great crag and it now has a great,  modern guidebook. It’s probably the only Irish crag that attracts visitors who come solely to climb at it rather than to roadtrip around visiting a […]

Colour blindness and topos

One of the very kind proof readers raised the issue of colour blindness and how it might relate to my topos. Originally I planned to use white lines (with various dots and dashes to distinguish lines that overlapped) but I felt they weren’t clear enough so started using a mix of white and red or […]

Great Gully Ridge,Glenmalure

Was out getting some photos of John and Theo climbing Great Gully Ridge in Glenmalure yesterday. Took hundreds of shots, the weather was perfect, crisp and sunny with mostly clear skies and a little cloud. Taking good topo shots is a bit of  a black art. To get the right light and the perfect angle […]