Free “Bouldering for Beginners” ebook

I have just finished compiling an ebook called “Bouldering for Beginners”, it’s aimed at people who are just starting to get into bouldering and want to understand a bit more about it. Topics covered include the basics, equipment, staying safe, movement and bouldering outdoors. The content is mostly based on Bouldering Essentials but at only […]

Bouldering in Ireland second edition almost ready to go to print

I’m sending the second edition of Bouldering in Ireland to the printers next week. I have added 32 new pages of content which is mostly details of relatively minor new areas as well as updating the existing sections with any new problems that have been climbed since early 2011. In the first edition I had […]

Spotting at the wall?

I came across this interesting article (PDF) by The Climbing Wall Assocation on Facebook a few days ago, the thrust of which is that spotting indoors mightn’t be a good idea. And I think they have a good point. The primary goal of spotting is to protect the falling climber’s head and neck, it’s not […]

Interview with John Gill

John Gill has been called ‘the father of modern bouldering’ and with good reason. His vision of bouldering as an end in it’s self as opposed to training for roped routes was way ahead of its time. One of the first to use chalk and to embrace a dynamic style of movement on rock, our […]

Building a Home Bouldering Wall

In the training chapter of Bouldering Essentials I wrote “If you have some space in your house it’s relatively straightforward to build a board”. So having some space in my garage I followed my own advice and this week I build myself a board. Even though I studied (computer) engineer I’m not particularly DIY inclined. […]

Friction and Rock Climbing

I wrote this article a few years ago but I thought it was worth reproducing here. This article has been a long time in the writing and I welcome any comments or corrections. Thanks to Richard Jones and Glen Harding for their input. Friction is the magic ingredient in bouldering. It’s what makes the best […]

Equipment for Bouldering Outdoors

One of bouldering’s many attractions is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. To boulder indoors all you need are a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk, while bouldering outdoors requires a few extra items most critically a bouldering pad. If you are venturing off the beaten track, you should also take a […]

Bouldering Essentials is at the printers

After a long battle, much longer than anticipated, I send Bouldering Essentials to the printers last week. Almost two years in production, it started off as an ebook but as I sunk more time into it I decided that it merited printing. I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks to everyone on here who gave advice […]