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Name Grade County Area Boulder/Sector Description First Ascentist FA date
-4WicklowGlendasanZeifs BoulderZeifs Boulder is 50m down the road from the IMC Hut in the forest on the left hand side. This problem goes up the face using the good ledge.Dave FlanaganJan 2008
The Wave5AKerryBlack ValleyBone Yard BoulderSit start on the left. Finish at the right side.Damien O SullivanMarch 08
Coup d'Etat6cWicklowMall HillForestArete to the right of 'Living the dream'.Pierre FuentesApril 08
Piece de resistance6bWicklowMall HillHill Left sideRHS round arete to the right of Dublin-Beauvais. Left hand done by Michael Duffy Grade to confirm.Pierre FuentesApril 08
Homeward Bound7c?AntrimFairhead Murlough BaySit start to 'Eat it left' Starting on an undercut with big reach to crimp rail on eat it left. (As seen in Underdeveloped.)James Pearson2006
Fliddy the Postoffice cat6c?AntrimFairhead Murlough BayOn the 'When Molesy Met Melkor' boulder. Start on the jugs of Molesy then throw out to the crimp up and left. (Molesy Met Melkor goes straight up the middle of the boulder using a crux undercut for the right hand.)??
-6a+WicklowGlendasanZeif's BoulderThe very slopey right arete. Climbs best if the obvious starting foothold is used with the right foot.Dave FlanaganJan 2008
Living the Dream6bWicklowMall HillForestUp the steep face.Diarmuid Smyth2005
Crack Cradle6a+WicklowWicklow GapGlanakia boulderUp to juggy break then long dynamic move to below lip and over the bulge. Diarmuid Smyth2005
Pea Brain6bDonegalPolldoo GlenButterbeanLay back the obvious/easiest arete.Diarmuid Smyth2007
Bone Yard Arete 6AKerryBlack ValleyBone Yard BoulderStart with crimps for the left and side pull for the right.Damien O SullivanMarch 08
Bone Yard Arete - Sit Start6CKerryBlack ValleyBone Yard BoulderSit start, two hands on the large flat hold.Eoin KennedyApril 08
Kev's Nose5BKerryBlack ValleyKev's NoseSit start below the steep areteKevin O' LearyMarch 08
Flash Dance Slab - Right6AKerryBlack ValleyFlash Dance SlabFollow the vertical crimps to the top.-Feb 07
Sé's Crack5WicklowGlenmalureS's BoulderClimb the crack in the middle of the face.Dave FlanaganFeb 2008
Cavalier Attitude5+WicklowGlenmalureFraughan BoulderTackles the arete on the left hand side.Ped McMahonFeb 2008
Big Boots5+WicklowGlenmalureWaterfall BoulderMantle onto the left hand side of the slab.Ped McMahonFeb 2008
Silent Valley6aWicklowMall Hill-Opposite side of the road to the rest of the bouldering, SV goes up the front face of the solitary boulder.Dave FlanaganDec 2006
Under the wire5+WicklowWicklow GapBeside Lough NahanaganThe left arete from a SS of the boulder beside the lake across from Electric Mountain.Dave FlanaganJune 2007
Luminous Orange6aWicklowWicklow GapAbove Lough NahanaganOn the hillside above Lough Nahanagan is a boulder with a distinctive diagonal crack climb this using a very nice pinch.Ped McMahonJune 2007
Fat Belly6a+DublinBullockWest SideThe overhanging wall in the narrow gully, nice moves on rounded edges.Dave FlanaganMar 2007
A little saucy5WicklowGlendalough-Starting from the good holds left of 'the rails' climb the arete moving around to the left to finish. Not the best landing and the direct/right hand version would be much better.Tom O'Rourke7 3 2008
The Sharp Arete7aWicklowLough Bray-Sit start to boulder (no name 7a) very near Big Ron. Use the sharp arete (very low) for the right and the very small edge for the left.Damian KawiorskiMay 08
Mickey's traverse7aWicklowStonecutter's GlenSplit boulderLow traverse left on the very slopey edgeDamian Kawiorski5 May 2008
The Egg Traverse7a+WicklowGlendaloughLower Path: The Egg BlocNice sitstart to the left of problem No. 7, traverse right along the sloping lip through problem No. 7 and finish as for the egg problem (no. 10)Barry O'DwyerSpring, 08
Romantic Warrior5cDublinBulloch Harbour--Peter McMahonJuly 2007
Bullet6awicklowoff glenmacnass road-North face, Highball. Peter McMahon2007
Crolly Crack SS5+DonegalHidden Valley BouldersThe one with the crackSit start hand on big sidepull in crack.Delicate finger lock heaven.A boulderers dream???R HunterJune 2008
Mickeys Traverse SS7a+WicklowStonecutters GlenSplitSit start arete and low traverse left on the very slopey edgeDamian KawiorskiMay 2008
The Razors Edge SS7a+WicklowStonecutters GlenSplitNorth face. SS Start middle the very small roof. Use the arete for the left and the edge for the rightDamian KawiorskiMay 2008
Aerosmith6a+WicklowLouhg BrayGrand HotelThe overhanding steep wall. Use the arete for the left and crack for the right. Problem is on the left from the Easily Taken Away.Damian KawiorskiJuly 2007
Hostel5WicklowLough BrayGrand HotelThe overhanding slabDamian KawiorskiJuly 2007
-5WicklowGlendaloughbeyond Big JaneTall boulder inscree southwest of Big Jane:
left arete of the overhanging face
Pierre Fuentes22/05/08
-5WicklowGlendobeyond Big JaneThe same tall boulder in the scree southwest of Big Jane: the side facing the river.
Pierre Fuentes28/05/08
Under the Wing5aWicklowGlendasanVulture rockBroken up boulder on the right of new st. kevins trail heading downstream from the mining village. From the trail the north side of the boulder looks like a vulture. Sit start under overhang to gain the slab. Lovely problem.Calliam Johnson22/06/08
Builders crack4wicklowGlendasan Builders Bum BoulderSlab with prominent crack down the middle. From the bridge at the carpark at glendasan mining village can be seen on the left a blob boulder with a crack in it. It looks to small to be climbable but round the back (east face) is the slab.Ciaran Mulhall22/06/08
Ron Burgundy Arete5bwicklowGlendasanStay Classy BoulderFollow the new st. kevins trail from the mining village in glendasan to the bottom where the stone stairs stop. Look to your right and you will see the boulder beside the fence. The right hand side is touching the fence. The left arete to the top is Ron Burgandy arete, starts on obvios undercling, great arete !!Ciaran Mulhall22/06/08
Jazz Flute4WicklowGlendasanStay Classy BoulderFollow the new st. kevins trail from the mining village in glendasan to the bottom where the stone stairs stop. Look to your right and you will see the boulder beside the fence. The right hand side is touching the fence. The centre of the slab on slopey crimpers either side of the quartz seam is Jazz FluteCalliam Johnson22/06/08
Born Lippy5+WicklowGlendaloughThe RuinsBlock to the right of problem 26 (offwidth) in guide version 3. Hanging slab with obvious crack through the middle. Interesting start with thuggy moves on big sidepulls to gain slab.Paul BrennanJune 08
Barney Rubble's Step Up5awicklowGlendasanVulture rockOn Vulture Rock, Sit Start to the left of the crack and over the nose, just to the right of under the wingJoe King08/07/08
The Kings Arete6a+WicklowGlendasanThe King BoulderOn the King Boulder 50 meters behind and to the right of Vulture Rock, triangular shaped boulder just over the fence. The left slopey arete using the undercling on the face, whilst smearing. The best of the new Glendasan problems yet !!Joe King08/07/08
Too Itchy4WicklowGlendasanThe Kings BoulderThe right arete of the king boulder, 50 meters to the right and behind vulture rock. Must be climbed under vicious and sustained midgey attack for authenticity !!12 yr old Jamie Mulhall08/07/08
Shit Stained Socks3+WicklowGlendasanRiver Slabs BoulderThe left side of the slab face on decent holds.12 yr old Jamie Mulhall08/07/08
Christ's Crux of Friction5bWicklowGlendasanThe King BoulderUp the middle of the face of the king boulder. Follow the crack left on smears to the good jug, then follw the crack right, a long reach to the small crimp, feet up top out, class !! The reach feels a bit like the move on the rails glendaloughCiaran Mulhall20/07/08
Slabbed In the Back4cWicklowGlendasanRiver Slabs BoulderThe right side of the slabby face of the river slabs boulder. In the river roughly half way down the new stone/sleeper staircase in glendasan. Tiny crimps and smears lead to good crimpy rail. A nice eliminate would be to leave the crimpy rail out.Ciaran Mulhall22/07/08
Boulderers of the Future ... I Bid You Good Day !!4aWicklowGlendasanRiver Slabs BoulderSit start on the lowest hand holds, under the small overhang on the right arete of the slabby face of the river slabs boulder. Slap up to the nose and mantel.Ciaran Mulhall22/07/08
The French Connection7bDublinPortraneThe ArchStart on "Girls on Film" and bridge onto the Arch. Climb down and around the bottom of the Arch and finish onto "the Ear". 22 moves.Pierre Fuentes24/07/08
The Lip6aWicklowGlendasanThe Lip BoulderVisible from 3 quaters the way down the new st kevins trail up the hill are 3 boulders clumped together. The boulder on the left with the overhanging quartz face is the lip boulder. Sit start on slopers to right of lip, then traverse the lip right to left, turn the corner and finish up the arete. NiceCiaran Mulhall26/07/08
The Hawk5aWiclowGlendasanThe Hawk boulderThe Hawk boulder is at the opposite side of the road to the river, at the top right of the scree just under the main crag beside the slag heaps trail in Glendasan. The left side of the prominent arete is The Hawk.Ciaran Mulhall24/07/08
Heart Flutter5+WicklowGlendasan-The right hand of two boulders 200m up the hill opposite the Big River boulder. Straight up the obvious triangular face from under the vertical crack.Paul Brennan26/7/08
step right up4cwicklowglendasanmoby brickfollow mining trail up north side of the vally to the scree under the crags moby brick is quite obivious see pic on message board . step right up is the overlapping slab on the west face of the boulderCalliam Johnson24/07/08
crater face 4+WicklowGlendasanboulder alleyboulder alley is a small alley made of 3 small crags directlt above the crag above moby brick on the north side of the vally . crater face is the slab with lots of little craters on the east side of the alleyCalliam Johnson24/07/08
hawk slab4+wicklowGlendasanhawk boulderslab on east face of hawk boulder Calliam Johnson24/07/08
Cold Feet5WicklowGlendasanMoby BrickThe overhanging east face, straight forward but worrying - the landing is uneven - slap from the sidepulls to the big jug.Dave Flanagan04/08/08
-4+WicklowGlendasanMoby BrickNorth face, pull to the lip on the nice incut edges.Dave Flanagan04/08/08
Mantel5WicklowGlendasanBoulder AlleyJust right of the mouth of the alley is a short wall with a slabby top, mantel this.Dave Flanagan2006?
Stickmata5+WicklowMall HillHeart Of DarknessH Of D is a nice rounded boulder in the forest above the track that bisects Mall Hill. The best way to find it to follow the forext road down the valley and a few meters past the small wooden hut hut up into the forest following the line of the firebreaks. Stickmata starts on the left and uses a few slopers to get the sidepull flake. The real price line is to the right.Dave Flanagan20/09/08
Sketch5+WicklowWicklow GapBeside Lough NahanaganSlap from the good sidepull on the overhanging face to the top.Peter McMahon28/10/2008
killilagh sit start5+claredoolinfireworks bouldersit start under overhang/roof to the right of 'outsider'jamie mulhall30/10/08
Far Out6aclaredoolinfireworks boulderstart as for outsider then continue traverse low into killilagh sit start and finish up, pumpy !!ciaran mulhall31/10/08
wedged5+claredoolinsector c the zoosit start deep under small wedge shaped roof just to the right of the tooth problem, jam yourself like you are in a chimney, reach back for a finger lock and a crimp and follow the crack to the topCiaran Mulhall31/10/08
Off Width Her Head4+claredoolinsector c the zoonice wide chimney just to the right of of 'on the edge'Ciaran Mulhallaug 2008
Permadry7a?WicklowGlendoscreeRoof crack in a cave high in the scree, 100m straight up above superstars of the BMX.
Sit-Start on the big juggy crack, up to the sidepull and crack, finish on the top jug far left.
Michael Duffy27/11/08
The Nose7bLouthWhite BogThe NoseThe big pointy nose at the top of the scree.
Start under the roof. Using a crimp to the right, the sharp arête and a heal hook, slap up to the nose then rock over the lip of the roof. Descent to the right. Sit-Start project from deep back wall. Rarely in conditions
Pierre Fuentes07/06/2008
Media Tick7aLouthWhite BogPlate BoulderSS on the crimps in the groove with a heelhook on the left. Cross through to the crimps on the right, slap to the lip and rock over.Pierre Fuentes19/07/2008
Blade Runner6cLouthWhite BogPebbleSit-Start on the obvious jug. Go left onto the sharp crimps and left again to a hiden jug. Then reach the lip of the overhang to step out via the left arete or rockover onto the slab and top out.Pierre Fuentes26/07/2008
Lesbian Treaty7a+LouthWhite bogPlate boulderSit-Start on the obvious bottom step using an obvious flake far left. Slap up to the break, match and move onto the diagonal crack. Finish straight up using the sharp crimps to top out. Pierre Fuentes18/10/2008
Starter Traverse6aLouthWhite BogStarter AreteTraverse the slopey lip from the bottom right to the top of the arete.Pierre Fuentes26/07/2008
The Leak5+LouthWhite bogship boulderSit-start to the vertical crack with a high enough top out.Pierre Fuentes26/07/2008
waterline6aLouthWhite bogship bouldersit-start as for the Leak but traverse the long horizontal break and finish round the corner to the extreme right.
Pierre Fuentes26/07/2008
Dec's sit-start6bLouthWhite bogStarter areteTo the right of the Starter arete is smaller boulder with a couple of sit-start deadpoints: Decs sit start takes the round corner and Pierres sit-start the overhanging mini-arete.
Both 6b.
Declan Tormey07/06/2008
-5+LouthWhite BogStarter AreteThe small crimpy slabbish wall around the left of the arete eliminating the big jugs to the left and the arete. Pierre Fuentes07/06/2008
Starter Arete5LouthWhite bogStarter AreteThe obvious corner arete. It can be climbed from a sit start and has an eliminate on the right (basically eliminating the arete... 5+)Pierre Fuentes07/06/2008
-4WicklowGlendaloughTrack BoulderJust after the trees before you reach the tripod boulder a track winds its way up the hillside. Follow this until you reach a conspicuously large boulder with a slabby side facing the track. The problem goes straight up the slab, starting from a rounded sidepull, to a rail and the top.Terry O'Neill26/11/08
-3WicklowGlendaloughTrack BoulderStarts up the groove just left of the previous problem, using a sharp sidepull to reach the rail and finish straight upTerry O'Neill26/11/08
Pinch Problem6a+WicklowGlendaloughTrack BoulderOn the left hand side of the boulder. Burly move up to a rounded pinch and muscle your way straight up over the nose using a big sidepull.Dermot Shiels26/11/08
Jump start me5+WicklowGlendalough-Downhill from the track boulder are 2 large boulders leaning against each other. On the uphill side is a hollow with an overhanging face. Start with a sharp left hand crimp, jump to a jug rail and finish straight up using a slopey crimp and some quartz holds. Paul Brennan26/11/08
-3WicklowGlendalough-On the downhill side of the larger of the two boulders. Start on the triangular sloping ledge and step delicately up onto the slab.Dermot Shiels26/11/08
-5WicklowGlendalough-On the downhill side of the smaller of the two boulders. Sit start at the lip of a small overhang and slap up for the good quartz holds.Terry O'Neill26/11/08
Reardon's Roof7aDublinBullock HarbourBelow the Apartment BlocStart on the left arete of the steep roof, climb to the lip proper and traverse right the full length of the boulder and around the corner to the obvious finish.Diarmuid Smyth27/11/08
Behind the lines6aWicklowGlendasanNorthside, cliff bandAbove the road on the northside of glendasan is a cliff band above the scree, on the left hand side is a very nice highball slab to the right of this is a very nice quartz overhanging face between the two is an overhanging wall. Climb this from a SS on the good incut, to the sloping shelf to a sloping topout. Excellent.Dave Flanagan30/11/08
-4WicklowGlendasanNorthside, screeAt the bottom edge of the scree is a boulder with vertical face, the left side of the boulder is quartz. Climb the front face using the small corner.Dave Flanagan30/11/08
Square arete4+WicklowGlendasanNorthside, screeFurther up the scree is a very obvious square cut arete, beside a hazel tree, climb it on the right hand side.Dave Flanagan30/11/08
Conquistadors of the pointless5+WicklowGlendasanNorthside, roadsideA few hundred meters down the road past St Kevins slab but on the other side of the road is a fairly obvious boulder. This problem goes up the down valley side from a SS. Mediocre at best.Dave Flanagan29/11/08
Left to right traverse4+WicklowGlendaloughChillax ClearingAt the back right of the chillax clearing there is a big boulder with an obvious jug in the middle of its face.Start at the far left on a jug just over the lip and a high smear for the left foot. Make your way up the arete on improving crimps until you reach the apex (avoiding the jug in the middle of the face) and hand traverse the lip to the right arete - a high right foot around the arete for an easy mantle to finish.Phil Smith30/11/2008
Right arete4WicklowGlendaloughChillax ClearingAt the back right of the chillax clearing, if you're facing the path, there is a big boulder with an obvious jug in the middle of its face. Sit start the right arete pulling up on two obvious flakes. Mantle over the top.Phil Smith28/11/2008
Uberhang low start6b+WicklowGlendaloughUberhangCroching start to the Uberhang. Start on quartz sidepull for the right hand and vague undercut/sidepull for the left, make two slaps, the first to a very slopy three finger edge and second to the letterbox jug and hold the swing. This has been done before as a dyno skipping the intermediate slopey edge.Dave Flanagan04/12/08
-5LouthWhite BogPlate BoulderUp in the V groove right of Lesbian TreatyPierre FuentesMay 08
-6bLouthWhite Bogthe PebbleSS traverse on the lip above Blade Runner. Same finish.Pierre FuentesJuly 08
-6cLouthWhite Bogthe PebbleSmall overhang to the rear of the pebble.
Hard sit-start deadpoint from a poor break and rock over.
Pierre FuentesJuly 08
Crimp start me6aWicklowGlendaloughBelow miner's trackOn the right side of the valley just past the edge of the forest, about 100m from the track are two boulders leaning against each other. On the uphill side is a hollow with an overhanging face. Start left hand crimp on tiny crimp, right on incut crimp and cropss through to the juggy rail and finish straight on the quartz holds. Photo Flanagan03/12/08
the Egg7bClareDoolinBase CampSit-start egg problem, just left of "Hider".
Pierre Fuentes26/12/08
The French Connection7b ClareCul de Claire-Very long loop traverse linking the lip of the roof from "Cold Turkey" to the underside mantlepiece and back to the start. 40 moves (Traverse grade). Pierre Fuentes26/12/08
Flute Boy5WicklowGlendaloughHidden GrooveThe project called "Balance". Pull onto good left side pull and right crimp, high left foot. Span to sloper on lip with right hand. match lip and top out. Harder than other problems on face... and better - really nice move!Belgian Sean24/12/08
Hugh7bWicklowGlendaloughHoliday BouldersNew area extensivly cleaned and blitzed New Years Eve above the zig-zags just 10 minutes walk past the Fin. 9 new problems plus 1 or 2 projects remaining, including awesome groove. Topo and pics to follow. This problem takes the perfect steep face on the riverside of the boulders. Low start in roof on opposing sidepulls, left foor on small edge, right toe-hook around block.Dave Ayton31/12/08
In the Moon6a!WicklowGlendaloughHoliday BouldersThe striking steep arete and seam to the left of the main block. step up on sidepulls until the seam can be reached with left hand. A right heelhook helps reach high on arete with right hand before a committing reach to the sloping top can be made. Have Fun!Dave Ayton3
Leftism 7cWicklowGlendaloughBig JaneThe full line of Rhythm and Stealth. Its a really really good link up (16 moves) with a tricky section at the bottom into the airy and fluffable top section above. Start sitting in the cave with your bum on the little bloc at the obvious big layaway. Pull on and trend leftwards and up the arete to finish. 3 stars, lovely moves and pumpy.Michael Duffy28/12/08
lower turnpike arete6c+KerryGap of DunloeTurnPike RocksThe problem begins at the very bottom of the roadside arete, being the boulder on the left as you look down the valley towards Killarney.
Start on a side pull, slap to the sloper and continue on crimps until the tricky dyno to the monster bucket on top.
Mats and spotters required.
Smash 'n Grab6a+WicklowGlenmacnass-Past the carpark above Glenmac waterfall, across the river is a single large boulder. Climbs the left arete, starting on its right hand side. Possibly 6b?John Howard07/03/09
Funzies5cClareDoolinFireworks BoulderObvious slab problem starting about a meter left of outsider. Come up under lip, then move left to gain better holds and step up over the lip. Colm ShannonJuly 2008
p.b.r. streetgang?sligolough easkythe one nearest the loughthree stars...climb the west face scoop to the rib exit right into the that enough?? it seemed obvious to me at the time...dark angelfeb 04
natasha 21?sligolough easkythe one nearest the loughto the right of 'p.b.r. streetgang' traverse the obvious flake line to dyno and mantleshelf finnishdark angel04
bog suede shoes?sligolough easkythe one nearest the loughthe slab to the left of 'p.b.r. streetgang' dark angel04
storming the deathstar?sligolough easky-directly above the road-side boulder way up on the hill-side is a beautiful big block...the problem is on the north facing side and involves a leap of faith to an obvious jug then a smear and a slap to finnishdark angel04
shame?sligolough easky-the first good looking boulder,on your left driving towards the lough, is the mitre...the right arete, layway to an obvious quartz crystel for the left hand is'shame'dark angel04
guilt?sligolough easky-the left side of the mitre boulder is a rippled wall...start as far to the right as possible and climb up and left...exiting in the middle of the wall...'guilt'dark angel04
ren?sligolough easky-above and to the left of the road-side boulder is a tomb-stone shaped boulder,the right arete,starting in the middle and finishing up and right is 'ren'dark angel04
stimpy?sligolough easky-same boulder as 'ren', same start to,just go sraight up...much harder and quite dangerous on your own without a mat...a big reach helpsdark angel04
gravitys rainbowe5sligoroosky-james knows exactly where it is..not the road-side flake but the small crag above a couple of decent boulders...the line is obvious to anyone with eyes...dark angel05
the death of mr. spock?sligoroosky-below the small crag...the first good boulder you come to has an obvious arete on the rightdark angel04
keepin' it foolish?sligoroosky-round to the left of ' spock' is a small cave which if you sit down and climb up is kinda' 'keepin' it foolish'dark angel04
suck on this?sligoroosky-if you start 'keepin' it foolish' and traverse left,swing round the corner and fight to the top that's 'suck on this'...dark angel04
speed camera location?sligoaughris head-the obvious warm-up line of jugs leading out of the cave up and to the left...stones and the sea can be a problem... and hide,or reveal, a good couple of extra moves...bit of a shame really...starts of hard and gets easierdark angel04
overcoming aughris?sligoaughris head-again it depends on the stones but basically it up to the fossilised letterbox hold and then layaway and crimp up and left.. dark angel04
pump pig strenuos knackerd arms of death?sligoaughris head-up to the fossilised hold and then right...end of...dark angel04
against the day?sligoaughris head-the obvious sea-facing groove to the left of'pump pig...', finishes up to the left...some loose holds...or at least there were...dark angel04
Beef to the heel6a+WicklowLough DanRighthandsideTraverse the waist high roof from left to right, finish using the sidepull flake. Will be in updated guide.Diarmuid Smyth04/04/09
Wet Eireann4+WicklowLough DanRighthandsideThe square block about 20m Karma. Nice line up the corner on the left of the front face. Will be in next version of the guide.Dave Flanagan04/04/09
TBD6a+WicklowLough DanRighthandsideOn the up valley face of boulder number 9 (from guide 4.0). Start on the overhanging face slap to the slopey lip and move left to a tricky topout.PeterTom McMahon04/04/09
Magic Eye6a+WicklowLough DanLefthandsideThe block downvalley of Shadow (number 9 in guide 4.0) has a nice very shallow groove beside the right arete. This may have been done before.Diarmuid Smyth04/04/09
Glass Jaw5+WicklowGlenmalure-Nice pure dyno from the break to the lip.Diarmuid Smyth30/03/09
Angle Grinder5+WicklowGlenmalure-Sitstart the lip and thug your way rightwards into the top out corner.Diarmuid Smyth30/03/09
we agnostics?sligolough easky-i remembered a few more problems and in the interests of full disclosure i thought you should know... up and to the left (as seen from the road) of ren and stimpey is an obvious group of biggish boulders...the first good looking boulder on the left has a steep nw face and an obvious short corner in the sw face...the nw side is a boggy start on good edges leading to a couple of thin breaks...called 'i'm not going,i'm not going!!!'...i don't know how hard it is?dark angel04
we agnostics?sligolough easky-just behind 'i'm not going..' is another boulder...the left arete up and right is the problem...dark angel04
there is a solution?sligolough easky-the arete of 'we agnostics' but step left and traverse the boulder almost to the end...finish updark angel04
elmos friend?sligolough easky-across and left from 'i'm not going..' is a single biggish has a rounded front side and a wee cave at the back... the obvious arete is the problem...fundark angel04
julia?sligolough easky-to the right of 'elmo's friend' is elmo's friend 'julia'...a bit of a hop to start then ear shaped jugs that you lay-away off to finish...nicedark angel04
slave to the traffic lights?sligoaughris head-the second problem on your sites video clip of aughris is 'slave...'dark angel04
we don't stop for no red lights tonight?sligoaughris head-the rising traverse R-L to the right of 'slave...'...same finish almostdark angel04
-----i hope this is helpful dave...sorry i can't grade them... i havn't a clue about grades or the exact dates, though i'm sure about the year...has anyone bouldered on the rocks near the school house about 2miles south of lough easky?...they always looked good...i'm not doing this for medals(buffy)...i'm doing it 'cause i spent a lot of time, and put a lot of effort and love into climbing these problems...not for me, for everyone...slan xdark angel04
Entertainment for the Short 2.05+WicklowWicklow GapElectric MountainOn the face below problem 5.

Start on a slopey crimp above the sharp pinch on the left (two mats might be required :P) and an undercut in the face-splitting crack. Again, a hard move to stand up on the right foot in the crack then balance and reach delicately for the lip.
Phil Smith12/4/2009
Entertainment for the Short version 16aWicklowWicklow GapElectric MountainOn the face to the left of problem 5. Sharply pinch the flake with the left and pull hard on the chicken head like sidepull with the right (this is nearly a full arm span away) to get established with your right foot in the crack. Gain your balance and snatch for the lip.Phil Smith12/4/2009
Warm yer fingers4+WicklowWicklow GapElectric MountainIn the crack below problem 5, start low on good crimps and smear your way up to just below the lip. A high left foot gives a rockover to the top with the left hand.Phil Smith12/4/2009
Dark Angle6aDublinThe ScalpRoadside blockOn the opposite side of the road to the parking spot a few meters towards Enniskerry is a pointed boulder, this problem takes the slopey bulge beside the corner starting from the sidepull.Dave Flanagan25/04/09
I Calcium as I Caesium7bWicklowGlenmacnassSolidarity blockThe quartz seam on the Solidarity block at Glenmacnass. Mentioned as a project in the guide.Andy BarkerApril 2008
Watch Fatty Break This Hold6cWicklowCloghoguePierre'sTwins blockA problem round to the right of Pierre's Twins at Cloghogue (opposite side of the block) - not marked as a project in the guide. Standing start on two sidepull crimp undercuts - climb straight up the wall, passing an obvious sharp crystal.Andy BarkerApril 2008
The Plum sit start7aWicklowGlendaloughThe RuinsAs the name suggests. Sitting start beginning directly under the hold on the standing start.Ben ThompsonApril 2008
Yo Mamas A Pajama6c+WicklowGlenmacnassSector 1Project # 9 in the guide. Standing start. Climb the arete on the right for a couple of moves before rocking onto the slabby left-hand side. On the first ascent I traversed left at this point to gain the easier topout on the left as I didn't fancy grappling with the heather cornice!Andy BarkerAug 2007
Faith in Lichen6cWicklowGlendasanThe TankProject #1 on the Tank boulder. Standing start with hands on the lip - a hard lunge followed by a tricky heel hook move to get onto the slab. Finish up the highball slab. Felt more like E3 even with a couple of pads.Andy BarkerApril 2008
Johnny dawes6bdonegalrubinoid pointAtlantic WallStart on the farthest left side of the crimpy break, left of the usual start to john doe. Dyno up and right for the sloping break and finish as for john doe. Variation of john doe starting further left. Rodney Moore24\06\09
John Dunne6adonegalrubinoid pointatlantic wallStart on the juggy holds, right of john doe. Dyno up and left for the sloping break and finish as for john doe. Variation of john doe starting further right. rodney moore24\06\09
Cream Eggs6aDublinThe ScalpDublin EndSame start holds as Chris Arete(prob4 in guide4). Eliminate the arete from now. Move up into the letterbox crack. Using the good sidepull just above, go for the top!! Static is very good or just pop. Not sure about grade because so reachy.Jack Doyle25/06/09
Orion7WicklowGlenmacnassDiceSlopey arete left of Monkey Burger on the Dice boulders.Harry FoggJuly 2009
Crowd Control6a+WicklowGlenmalureFraughan Rock GlenThe aesthetic sloping rib on the Fraughan Rock boulder, pic of Dave on it here- photo ,delicate moves lead to a slap for a sloping scoop and awkward top out above.John HowardAugust '09
Not quite mint5WicklowGlendaloughPathAbove the Squamish block is a pear shaped boulder spilt by a cresent crack, thsi problem goes up the leftside of thes lopey arete on the LHS of the boulder.David FlanaganOct '09
Last of the summer whine6aWicklowGlendaloughPathAbove the previous problem is a narrow corridor this problem is on the overhanging face on the right, starting at the bottom left and following the sloper up and right to a juggy finish over a dodge landing.David FlanaganOct '09
Smelly Feey6aClareDoolinBasecampLine just left of doolin crack. Gaston off a good 2 finger crimp for the left to reach an awkward crimp on the lipColm Shannon2009
Contact8a+WicklowCarrigshouk-The imposing arête of Carrigshouk is one of the finest and most striking lines in Co. Wicklow and has been a long standing project for years.
Climbing the rhs of the bulging arête, a dynamic dead point to a slopey edge leads to delicate climbing above with a tricky move to gain the top.
Michael DuffyDec 2009
Air Canada6cWicklowGlendaloughEgg boulder/PathThe slopey lip of the side of the boulder facing the lake. Sit start on good holds on the left. Make a powerful move up and right to some very nice slopers then mantle out at the apex. Photo: photoJerome Legare01/08/2009
Delusions of Grandeur6bWicklowLough BrayGrand HotelMight have gone before. The right arete on the boulder, ss right hand fingers in the crack and left hand on the arete, up to the apex and over. Short but worthwhile.
Diarmuid SmythFeb 2010
Proj5cDonegalMalin BegMain Bouldering AreaLine 4, "The impressive arete on it's left side", as in guide5.pdfStephen Hardiman04/04/2010
Ahab6bWicklowGlendasanWhaleStart on the obvious flake. Snatch for good left sloper and crank through to your choice of vague shitty slopers then mantle ugly. no 3 in the guide.Diarmuid Smyth05/04/2010
Fancypants5+DonegalMalin BegThe black slabStraight up the slab, slightly right of centre. Small crimps and smears and a big reach to top. Avoid the good holds on right near the arete.Garrett Greene04/04/10
Clio Intacto6bWicklowLough Bray-On a small block hidden in heather right of the path before you reach the Lakeside boulder. Sitstart the short arete using sidepulls in the thin crack for the left hand and a rounded edge for the right hand.
Paul Brennan7/4/10
Scrittles5+WicklowGlendaloughThe RuinsStep up on low crystal and mantle out the uniformly slopey top out, hernia inducing brilliance. On line between decs pyramid and big jim.Diarmuid Smyth08/04/2010
Slabby3GalwayLeic an Níocháin,Inis MórLego BrickLego Brick is a detached square cut block that has broken off along a white quartz like seam. This block is one of the first bigish ones, you will see the line it broke of clearly behind it. The small slabby side is a good break from vertical crimps.Jack Doyle3/04/10
Loose4GalwayLeic an Níocháin,Inis MórLego BrickJust left of the arete the rock is slightly overhanging. Starting low down(hmm, was it ss??). Strongish moves bring you to the small ledge with a microwave size block on it. Feels loose when you stand on it....Jack Doyle3/04/10
Eventually5+GalwayLeic an Níocháin,Inis MórLego BrickOn the quartz side of the boulder there is a nice short broken arete. Work up the left hand arete until you reach the off vertical top and mantle. (May be possible to continue up along and mantle at a higher point??). Jack Doyle3/04/10
Right Hand Rule5+?WicklowLough NahanaganElectric Mountain BoulderJust left of problem 4 in the guide on a seperate boulder. SS on good holds, up to a crimp rail and then the top. Top out with help from the block on top of the boulder. Very independent line, surprised it hasn't been done before...Leo Mckeever19-05-10
Delirium7BDublinHowthAyton's CaveSit start at the obvious chalked right hand sidepull at the back of the cave, squeeze and heelhook your way along the hanging tufa to reach the start of loco (-destroyer extension ~6c/7a), and finish as for loco totalJohn HowardJune 2010
Solstice7BDublinHowthAyton's CaveClimb loco total to the obvious halfway jug before heading directly through the blank looking roof to the crack, finishing at the lip. A beautiful series of moves involving an undercling, incut crimps and intricate footworkJohn HowardJune 2010
Eon7B+DublinHowthAyton's CaveThe link-up of the destroyer extension into solstice, amazing, get on it!John HowardJuly 2010
Eclipse7A+DublinHowthAyton's CaveA variant to solstice moving left from the jug to a right-hand sidepull/pinch before making a long move to a deep juggy slot(often wet), the roof crack can be gained from this, finish at the lipJohn HowardJuly 2010
Poise6C+AntrimFair HeadMurloughJust past the boombastik block, directly uphill is a short arete, start using a left hand sidepull and right hand pinching the arete at shoulder height, a right hand bump and left hand slap lead to the topJohn HowardJune 2010
Deepthroat6B+DublinHowthAyton's CaveSS from an undercling at the groove/arete towards the end of carolines, climb the arete to a sidepull slot and sloper above, a deep cross-through to the deep jug slot and long reach lead to the crack, finish at the lip.John HowardJuly 2010
Blue Tongue6cWicklowFraughan GlenFraughan RockOn the Northwest side of the boulder from a sit start using an undercut to a good jug, swing left to a sidepull, then up the slab using via a crimp and a sidepull.Lee RobinsonJuly 2010
Art Attack7aWicklowArts LoughCiaran's BoulderOn the steep side of the Boulder facing the lough, start from sit on a good rail, then traverse left via a sloping crimp and a gaston to a sloping spike, a big reach left to a jug leads to some nice technical moves to gain the left arête to top out. Standing start from the jug is also very goodLee RobinsonJuly 2010
Musophobia6bWicklowFoxburrow bouldersWhite Elephant boulderThe sloping South Eastern arête from sit, on one impressive pure White clean cut granite giant!
A must see if in the area.
Lee RobinsonJuly 2010
Elephants can't Tip Toe6aWicklowFoxburrow BouldersWhite Elephant boulderTip Toe up the centre of the immaculate slab direct to a side pull then top out. Lee RobinsonJuly 2010
The Funk7BDublinHowthAyton's CaveSit start as for afterthought on the rhs of the cave entrance, trend up and rightwards out past the lip of the cave to finish matched on the obvious flattie, dynamic but subtle, brilliant moves, real team siege effort, psyched! John HowardSept 2010
Racing The Sun6b+WicklowArts Lough-Distinctive clean crescent shaped face between Ciaran's boulder and the lake. Low start on the obvious flat hold on the arete. Slap back to a jug and a sloping shelf. Then move leftwards up the arete on slopers. Lovely. Might scrape in at 6c?Paul Brennan20/10/2010
Witness The Shitness4CorkBarley CoveRoof sectionOn the smaller cove of Barley Cove beach in West Cork there is a small roof with a spacious ledge on top. This is on the right hand side of the cove as you look at the sea. Problems are on low quality rock and mostly easy, but worth a pair bringing a pair of shoes for on a sunny day.

Witness the Shitness takes the most obvious line of undercuts a few metres to the right of the high tide line on the beach. Using these, pull through the small roof and mantel onto the ledge. Height depends on the state of the sand.
Richard DugganFeb. 2010
Super Bock7cWicklowGlendoHidden GrooveStep into the grrove. From the small crimp and sidepull in the horizontal seam on the left make a big move up and left to the smiley rail.Michael Duffy17/12/2010
Wonderland8bWicklowGlendoHidden GrooveStarting on the boss on the back block compress your way through the roof. A modern classic. Project No.1 on the Hidden Groove boulder.Michael Duffy17/12/2010
Electroshock7b+WicklowElectric MountainForestHigh up in the forest is a slightly overhanging smooth wall with a pebble at knee height. Right foot on, assume superman pose, launch, classic.Michael Duffy19/12/2010
Kinky Reggae7a+WicklowGlenmalureBallinafunshogue BoulderSit start the arete on the two flatties in the groove. Classic. The stand is one of the best 6c's in Wicklow.Michael Duffy17/09/2010
Maneater7bDublinHowthAytons CaveThe central hanging fin/crack from the start of Loco Total to the glory jugMichael DuffyJune 2010
The Spunk7b+DublinHowthAytons CaveFrom the glory jug climb diagonally right through the roof to finish on the obvious flatty.Michael DuffyJune 2010
Dubstep6bNorthFermanaghBrimstone WestFrom the curving crack in the middle of the wall step right to the faint rib. ClassicMichael DuffySept 2010
The Milkshake5+ClareDoolinFireworks BoulderClimb the grove on the north end of the boulder to the crux top out. Colm Shannon2010
The Quiet Place6aClareDoolinFireworks BoulderJust right of 'The Milkshake'. Start with a high right root, left on an under cut and right hand on a good high sloper. Pull on and throw for a good left hold and continue stright up. This could be 'Aret' but looking at the guide I think that's further right. Vid of it here: photoColm Shannon2010
Deadend6bWicklowGlenmacnass WaterfallAcross road from the waterfall. Starting on the nice jug on the left end, work your way upslope, moving rightwards up the arete to top out at the highest point.Diarmuid Smyth19/01/11
Inertia6bWicklowHollywood-Start on left end of lip, campus to start then work way rightwards. Rock over into the groove to finish.Diarmuid Smyth21/01/11
Half Life6cWicklowMall HillUpper HillOn the slab between 10 & 11. Start on left arete and work rightwards on credit cards to the one good handhold and go for top.Diarmuid Smyth28/02/2011
Filth Wizard5WicklowCamaderryFilth BoulderStraight up the hill and slightly to the left of the Glendasan car park is a distinctive square cut, suspended, overhanging fin. Climb the overhanging left arete from a sit start. Can be done more directly as a sit start dyno up the overhanging face at about 5+Luke Stratford17/3/2011
Crack of Filth6aWicklowCamaderryFilth BoulderThe charming roof crack in the low cave at the back of the boulder. Start on the jug hidden at the back of the crack and squirm your way to victory. LovelyPaul Brennan17/3/2011
John 3 168ALouthCooley mountainsThe Reckoner sectorThe steep roof just right of the reckoner problem. Start left hand on the large sidepull and right hand under the roof. Pull on and traverse along the lip with a hard throw out to the arete. Then make your way across the slopers via some tricky footwork and a shed load of body tension. Hard top out to finish. Awesome problem which climbs very well.Jonny Argue25/3/2011
Another Duffy Problem.........6c?WicklowGlendaloughThe RuinsNot a new Problem, done years ago by Masters Duffy, but never recorded and it's a beauty. Location: In a small pit About 4/5 meters behind Problem 14, it faces towards the ruins. Sitstart on the crimp, with both hands!, on the left side. Then, follow the arete rightards, through the perfect holds to the top.Michael DuffyYears Ago.
Beta burgler7a?WicklowGlendaloughBeyond Afro LeftRoof half way between Black Art and Afro Left. Bad landing but loads of mats sorts it. Standing start on a small undercut for left hand on underside of boulder and crimp on face/sde of roof. Goes from right to left, topping out just left of nose. Jonathan RedmondMarch 2011
Blubber6aDublinScalpBeside Ahab'sHump your way up the leaning fin just right of Ahab's, starting from the triangular sloper. Top out without using the right wall.Paul Brennan06/04/2011
Hazelnut6bDublinPortraneThe archStart as the ear head left around the face and continue to the to the large holds and finish up the break to the rampRichard Sandes12/4/2011
Foxy5+WicklowGlendaloughBehind the Railsa few meters behind the rails, to the right of problem 30. A low ball sit start face climb that faces away from the path and towards the cliffs. start from the obvious ramp with sketchy feet - reach to a small hold out right, right foot out to small foot holds up high and turn the left hand to a mantle on the opening ramp to reach the top.

Short but sweet warm up.

Seems like it would have been done before - but it's not in the guide I don't think?
Trish Fox10/04/2011
Bring out the swans7b+IrelandDublinAyton's CaveThe Albatross ProjectJonny Argue16/04/11
fatback6a+DublinThe ScalpBeside AhabJust to the right of Blubber is a wide crack, layback up it and use a heel hook on the triangular sloper to lurch for the top.David Flanagan20/04/11
Manhole6b+DublinScalpWestsideSit-start as for LDF. Move to hold on left arete and to the lip on the other side of the chockstone. Top out through the gap without dabbing, good luck to the fattys.Diarmuid Smyth23/04/2011
Danky Dank7c+DublinHowthAyton's CaveThe Opposition project. very powerfull and sustained climbing with 20 moves.Jonny Argue22/4/11
Sweet Pea6bDonegalPolldoo GlenSplit Pea RockProject 9 in the guide. Nice moves on perfect rock. Fun.

SS with sharp arete for left hand and slopey crimp for right. Slap up for the flake and layback up this, topping out carefully using the arete.
Paul Brennan23/4/2011
Captain Nemo4DublinPortranePirate CoveMight have done before. Wall between 5 and 6 from a guide to boulderingDamian Kawiorski13/03/2011
The Flying Dutchman5DublinPortranePirate CoveOutside a cave, can be 5 or 5+ I am not sure photoDamian Kawiorski25/04/2011
Double Tap5WicklowUpper Glanekeera ValleyJust west of Lough FirribFollow the stream downhill from Lough Firrib, turn left once you hit the rock and there is a steep cliff band, this problem goes up the fin on the left. 5 stars.David Flanagan28/04/11
The Pentient Man Shall Pass SS8aAntrimFairheadMurloughSitstart of The Pentient Man Shall Pass.David MasonMay '11
The Homme Jomme7cAntrimFairheadBallycastle endphoto This is the project around the back of The Whale marked as problem 12 on the topo. In the text the descriptions of 11 and 12 are mixed up.David MasonMay '11
Grumpus6a+WicklowGlendaloughNear Jiggery PokeryThink this is new - facing Jiggery Pokery, follow the path straight and slightly right for about 10 metres. Overhanging triangular face, ss on left, one han on arete and one hand on (painful) crimp on face (gradually getting bigger). go up using good holds. Starting move is the hardestDec Tormey May 2011
Orange Crush6BDonegalDunaff BayWide ZawnBetween problems 7 and 8 in the guidebook is a small, rounded bulging wall. Start on undercuts, up to small edges then slap up and right to good holds. Done before?Chris Rooney03/06/2011
Scoop5+DonegalPolldooSlab BoulderThe scoop to the right of Bullroarer. Bridge delicately and use small crimp up on the right and finish slightly left.Hugh Boyle10/07/11
Louisa's Traverse3+DonegalDoagh StrandPetrified Wall areaOn the block opposite Petrified Wall. Right to left traverse of the face, starting on the awkward, wrong-facing side-pulls and finishing high. Caro Vandenplas03/07/2011
Felsic Fantasy6b?downslieve binnianwee things boulderStart right arete of problem 9 in guide. Obvious crimp for left hand,right hand pinching arete. Heel by your hand and rock until you can rock no more!R Hunter12/07/11
Beluga humpin6adownSlieve BinnianMr potato head boulderBack of the boulder to the left of "The squeeze that croc lanked"Guide P224 problem 13. Stand at jug and mantle.Then mantle wrestle again. No crack on the left.--
Mothwalk7a+DublinSuttonAytons caveSit start squeezing a deep right hand jug and sloping left hand edge, climb leftwards past the slanting shelf and steep pinches into the start of carolines and finish up thisJohn HowardJune 2011
Red Flag6cWicklowNorth PrisonThe Warden Boulder A sloping diagonal crack from sit on the right-hand end of the blocks large face, Heather top out! Brilliant balancy moves, from a trick start.Lee Robinson24/07/11
Undertow7cDublinSuttonAytons caveSS at incut rh undercling and low lh edge beyond danky dank, power out rightwards through a line of undercuts and sidepulls finishing as for maneaterJohn Howard24/07/11
Huckleberry huggin7a?DownBinniangamma torTo the left of weed killer. Bear hug the arete to top. Sitter also possible but doesn't really add anything to the problem. Project problem number 9 in guideR Hunter24/07/11
Outspan6bWicklowGlenmalure TerraceThe Sheep ShelterThe right-hand side on good holds, reach to a tricky sloping topout, possible sit startL Robinson26/07/11
Underglass6cWicklowGlenmalure TerraceThe Sheep ShelterJump start to the lip of the roof, lay-back and press over the lip, doing this problem from sit will be a*** classic as it tackle the steep roof on crimpsL Robinson26/07/11
Sideways Down6b+WicklowGlendasanStarting BlockSit start with both hands on the left corner, of the steep lip with the fallen block landing, work you way rightwards across the lip and work your hands around the arête, then top out, some good heel action needed, spicy top-out.L Robinson28/07/11
Perfect Opening Line6cWicklowGlendasanSouth Up the hill about 100 metres, above the Tank Boulder, is a quite obvious left to right rising low traverse rail from sit, at an angle of about 10 degrees, 5 metres of of blissful climbing, rocking out left to finishL Robinson27/06/11
Lamprey7a+DublinPortraneThe archA tight line starting as for Leviathan and trending leftwards out on the steep, pocketed wall before following a faint crack back right to the brown jug (likely to have been done before but thought I'd throw it up to get people on it as it climbs better than it looks)John Howard28/07/11
Cygnet7a+DublinSuttonthe cavelink-up; start as for Bring out the swans and finish as for Loco total John Howard07/08/11
Danky-loco7B+DublinHowththe cavelink-up; start as for danky dank and finish as for loco total...line 101 on the new topo 😉John Howard09/08/11
Brokeback6bWicklowBlack CastleBiker CoveProblem 4 in topo. Start from slopey shelf and use positive crimps to gain the highest pocket. Not topped out as the rock quality deteriorates rapidly.

Name refers to what would happen if you fluffed the top.
Jonathon Redmond14/08/2011
What are yiz doin'?4WicklowBlack CastleBiker CoveStart ar far into the rubbish filled chimney as you deem sensible, then go up. Great fun.Jonathon Redmond14/08/2011
127 Minutes5WicklowBlack CastleBiker CoveStart as for What are yiz doin', get jammed in, then squirm out horizontally to get stood up on the shelf on the right. Suprisingly technical.Jonathon Redmond14/08/2011
Slot Machine6cWicklowBlack CastleThe RoomStart in the perfect slopey slot, then slap up to the slopey shelf then traverse right along the shelf and under the nose to finish standing on the slab. Cool moves on nice rock.Paul Brennan14/08/2011
torpedo feet6c+Wicklowblack castleThe roomblank face outside the cave, start on two small crimps, pull up and trow your left foot out on to the left arete, and finish up the arete. Fun problem if you like crimps and a flying kick move.Jonathan Redmond14/8/11
Basilisk7C+DublinHowththe cavelink-up; Destroyer-Maneater-SpunkJohn Howard17/8/11
The black stuff7a+GalwayJim's Nook/LettergeshJim's Nook areaLong/pumpy R to L trav. of ivy-topped overhanging wall on ridge N of river mentioned in Jim's Nook section of guide (p173). Wade the river and follow the N shore/ridge inland for few hundred metres to find obvious ivy-topped wall. SS at vertical crack near R side of wall (just R of point where ivy level drops down to head height - could start a bit further R at harder grade). Pull on and head L thru technical/powerful sequence to ok shakeout in small corner feature. Continue L through 2nd hard section to gain much easier but still good/pumpy ground to obvious finish point at incut jugs on top of small rounded arete at L end of crag. Rock a bit snappy but landing good and line described clean. Stay low to avoid looser rock higher up. Owen Hayward9/8/11
The German Bonus6bKerryGap of DunloeHexSS as for problem 1 on the Hex, reach to the lip and follow it left to finish. See video photoRalf GentschAugust '11
Vision of Sharks5KerryBlack Valley - Lough ReagSubmarineThe Submarine is a large huge boulder halfway between The Wave and Rock´n Lock. Traverse the upper edge from right to the left on its upper edge. Finish when you can step on the next boulder around the edge. The arete at the southwestern edge has a nice SS, 5.
Ralf GentschAugust '11
Moth-eaten7B+DublinHowthThe cavelink-up; start as for mothwalk but trend back through the rough green tufa fin to the start of maneater and finish up thisJohn Howard24/08/11
Stool pigeon7A+DublinHowthThe caveA couple of minutes walk from the cave (towards the baily lighthouse)is a small bay with a prominent block in the middle- photo in the coastline past this is an overhung prow in a narrow zawn, SS at undercut pocket, finishing at the jug above the overlap on the lhs of prowJohn Howard24/08/11
Chris Drew Blood7a?WicklowBlack Castle3rd Cove, problem 6Start on blobs and straight up.Barry27/08/11
Feral6C+DublinHowthThe caveFurther on from Stool pigeon is a steep arete, SS at low positive rh pinch and lh sidepull and finish at the juggy ledge John Howard26/08/11
Wet Dragon Poo4ClareDoolinleft of Reardon Mem. Walllocated left next to BMX on the main wall behind "Hider" on the mantle. place a mat and start sitting. go straight up following the pretty good holds upwards till the top. bouldered in August 2011 while the wall was very slippery and wet (drenched in salt water). felt like a 5b ... if dry it's for sure not more then a 4 / 4+. but was fun and a great experience bouldering in Ireland as a bavarian rock climber 😉Martin HawleAug 2011
Blue Robot5WicklowGlenmalureThe Diving BoardThe right arete of The Diving Board boulder. Start is crux. Dave Flanagan04/03/2012
-5+WicklowGreystonesThe Covesit start using arete and holds on left, make your way to the lip, top-out left or right side. -june 2009
People of the Sun8a+WicklowGlendaloughCracklandSmall underground room up and right behind Black Art.
SS the concave splitter crack at the jug and finish right
Michael Duffy18/03/11
The Hills have Eyes8aWicklowGlendasanThe TankThe true line of the block. Start bottom left where the y crack diverges and finish up the arête.Michael Duffy11/04/11
3. Cold Feet ss6b+WicklowGlendasanNorthsideSS at the ledge, move left and upMichael DuffyMay '11
8. 5+WicklowGlendasanNorthsideSS Arête, crack for right, finish rightMichael DuffyMay '11
10. The Arête7aWicklowGlendasanNorthsideLhs of arête (6+ with cheat stone)Michael DuffyMay '11
10a. The Wall7aWicklowGlendasanNorthsideThe left hand side of the crimpy wall finishing up the nicheMichael DuffyMay '11
16. So It Goes - right6c+WicklowGlendasanNorthsideStand on and move out rightMichael DuffyMay '11
.146c+WicklowGlenmacnassThe RasherSS the flatty to lip and finish straight overMichael DuffyMar '10
25. The Casbah6+DublinThe ScalpWest SideTwin arêtesMichael DuffySept '10
26. Alison Curtis7aDublinThe ScalpWest SideSS to finish up rib (stand on 6+)Michael DuffySept '10
Halcyon7cWicklowGlanekeeraThe Halycon BlockStart low right on the slab, up rail to sloper and finish straight upMichael Duffy10/12/11
Soul Revolution7c+WicklowGlenmalureBallinafunshogueFrom the carpark at Kinky Reggae, follow the land slide gully up hill to the highest tree at the top. Stand start: Right hand undercut, left hand vert seam, up to pinch with left and finish right up the barrel Michael Duffy01/03/12
Computer World - left7a+WicklowCloghoge-Start as Computer World finishing leftMichael DuffyFeb '12
Computer World - right7bWicklowCloghoge-Through the overlaps to finish up and leftMichael DuffyFeb '12
Man Machine8bWicklowCloghoge-Right hand jug, left hand low crozzle, finish rightMichael Duffy19/02/12
The Robots7bWicklowCloghoge-The slab with dish for right finishing leftMichael Duffy19/02/12
The Model8a+WicklowCloghoge-The rhs of the arête. SS at the ledge and finish up the slabMichael Duffy08/03/12
Computer World7cWicklowCloghoge-Start left hand under the roof, move left then straight up the faceMichael DuffyFeb '12
Puddle Arete5MayoAchillLonely BoulderSS on the right arete with a small knobbly hold for L hand. Up to slopey ledge, then a long move to a side-pull thingy. Up and left to top out.Richard Creagh22/03/2012
Due Date4+WicklowLough DanWaveUp and behind the Wave Boulder there is an overhanging blunt nose. The right hand side stand start starts on the crimps just over the over hang and goes up the arete. Pictures here photoDeclan TormeyMar 2012
Baby Boom6a+WicklowLough DanWaveJust up and behind the Wave boulder there is an overhanging blunt arete. The left hand side sit start starts on the block underneath the overhang, with left hand on the big undercut. Go fairly straight up / a small bit right. You can also traverse right into Due Date for an easier finish. If the starting block was moved then it would be a harder problem. See photo for photoDeclan TormeyMar 2012
Booster Seat6a+WicklowLough DanDriving SeatIt's on the boulder above the Driving Seat top out. SS to the right of the big crack on the crimpy overhanging wall (stretchy start). Photo here photoDeclan TormeyMar 2012
Pallets by Candle Light6BWicklowRaven's GlenSourceStart low on sidepull, climb to lip of overhang and up to a good jug for top out. photoDave Ayton24/03/2012
Wicklow Tea6aWicklowRaven's GlenSourceStart low on Arete with RH on beefy sloper. Scratch feet and slap upwards.Dave Ayton24/03/2012
Pastey Warrior6A------
Gem6AWicklowRaven's GlenSourceLow sitter under roof - RH on arete, LH on lip. Pull on and top out via crimpsDave Ayton24/03/2012
Mother6BWicklowRaven's GlenRaven's Rock (Mother)Climb the obvious rounded areteDave Ayton20/03/2012
Creaseproof6AWicklowRaven's GlenRaven's Rock (Mother)Start on low undercuts and smears. climb to top via vertical creaseDave Ayton20/03/2012
Pain in my Swiss5WicklowRaven's GlenRaven's Rock (Mother)The central line of the RHS slabDave Ayton20/03/2012
Albi6AWicklowRaven's GlenDragon WallRight of arete - pull onto crimps, reach left to sloper, topoutDave Ayton20/03/2012
Trogdor6AWicklowRaven's GlenDragon WallCrimps to topDave Ayton20/03/2012
Close Encounters6c+WicklowRaven's GlenAlien RoofPull onto undercut mid roof and burl direct to lip - crux to topJohn Howard24/03/2012
Karaoke Nightmare6BWicklowRaven's GlenAlien RoofObvious line of block. Start low and right, then move lover still, then move lower again. Move left along line of holds to lip and top outTom Bannon24/03/2012
Gay Traverse6AWicklowRaven's GlenAlien RoofStart on wedge at base of roof. Go straight for lip and traverse left untill around the corner. Topout.Dave Ayton24/03/2012
Manical laugh6++DublinScalpb.f.b. classic highball problem follow the seam across face to arete. leave the big foothold have faith in friction layback and pinch your way to the top pads and spotters helpful . The boulder is at the top of the valley above chiper visable from the road. James Gernon08/.04/12
Skewer6ADublinThe Scalp-Near the top of the hillside above Primer is a large square-cut block visible from the road, this problem starts at the slanting, undercut crack and tops out using a juggy sidepull directly above John Howard08/04/12
Eyrie6CDublinThe Scalp-starting matched on the crimp rail on the other face of the boulder, climb the prominent curving arete. classicJohn Howard08/04/12
One for the short arses6CWicklowGlandasanNorthsideProblem 14 page 87 of the guide. Sit start on obvious crack sidepull and slap up left before going again to top and mantle slopey lipDave Ayton15/04/2012
Heartland Arete6AWicklowGlandasanNorthsideProject 17 page 87 of the guide. Sit start at the base of the overhanging arete. Left hand in the horizontal break, right hand on the quartz flatty. Climb the good edges to a good topout.Dave Ayton15/04/2012
Baby Dragon 6bDublinThe ScalpMain AreaThe problem is left side from the Shady Bitch. It is easier than looks it, sit start, use the holds like in the photo, slap right and mantle. photoDamian Kawiorski29/04/12
Every given Sunday5+WicklowThe ScalpEnvromental boulderThe middle of the tall slabby boulder. Use the juggy flake and the block on the ground to get stood on the lip of the slab. A few precarious moves revolving around the big crystal lead to the sanctuary of the island. (problem 23 in the guide).David Flanagan12/05/2012
Shelter6AWicklowGlenmalureRiversideJust past the left turn for Se's boulder above the hostel. Below the path on the rivers edge. Sit start under the roof on a good undercut and climb the lip of the roof leftwards to nice finishing moves. Dave Ayton13/05/2012
As the fly crows6C+WicklowGlenmalureSe's BoulderThe project Arete. Start low matched on the finger flake. Climb the arete finishing right. One pad and no spotters for full appreciationDave Ayton15/05/2012
Old Greg6BWicklowGlenmalureSe's BoulderThe left wall project but from a sit start on the arete. pull on and make a long move left to the rail. Match, smear and lock to top. Dave Ayton15/05/2012
-5WicklowGlanekeera-This is the line up the left side of the face of the first boulder you pass on the walk in to Glanekeera. Use the left arete to climb the face.
David Flanagan29/05/12
MCA5+WicklowGlanekeeraVert wallThe line of undercuts/sidepull up the middle of the vertical wall. Bit of heather top out but there are good holds.
David Flanagan29/05/12
Hoodlum6CWicklowGlenmalureFraughan RockProblem 3 in the guide on the Fraughan Rock boulder. Sit start on the arete left of Crowd Control, mantel the bulge.Chris Rooney04/06/2012
Just One More6aWicklowRavens GlenAlien Roof AreaJust below & right of Alien Roof a boulder with a horizontal seam halfway up. Climb the front corner using the seam.Alan McDonagh06/04/2012
Ant Attack4+WicklowRavens GlenAlien Roof AreaJust below & right of Alien Roof a right facing low traverse from left to right.Terry O'Neill06/04/2012
Running Down That Hill6CLeitrimThur Mountainlarge boulderproblem 4 in the guide. hard to start with a tricky mantel to finish.Hugh Hennessy10/6/2012
Dan's Problem5DonegalMullaghdooThe Sea WallsLong low boulder just right of problem 18 'Jimmy the Boat'. Problem starts low on seaward side, traverses lip of overhang then rocks over to top.John Niven2/7/12
Long Span6CWicklowGlandasanStarting blockProblem 7 - SS, undercut and arete - directDave Ayton30/08/2012
The Roof7b+KerryGap of DunloeNear the TurnpikeA great problem. Across the valley from the turnpike, there is an obvious roof. From standing, hand on undercut, climb straight through the roof and up the wall above. Most likely climbed before but never recorded, named or graded.Unknown (?), Barry (2nd)Unknown(?)
Stainless Steel6b+Wicklow-The Gully Block Bouldering in Ireland, page 67, problem 3.
Climb the arête from the left.
Ronan Browner07.12.11
xtal6+dublintibradden-follow the r116 out of dublin heading towards johnny foxes as the road levels out after the turn of for tibradden wood (pine forest) on the left there is some gabroon cages ( wire boxes full of stones)park here walk back down the road about 200m boulder in forest on right. start with r/h on undercut l/h on side pull slap and squeeze your way to the top. James Gernon24/02/2013
Blush6cWicklowGlendaloughHeadless Duck boulderClimbs a lovely lip traverse up into a prow, on a huge boulder the shape of a headless duck. Its located way up in the scree slope, 25 mins directly up from 2.4 pascals. Worth the slog.Jonathan Redmond02/03/2013
I love Pearse5WickowGlendaloughHeadless Duck areaClimbs a slanting arete from a SS to a jugy top out to the left. Right beside the Headless duckColm Shannon2/03/2013
PContact lenses6cWicklowGlendaloughHeadless Duck areaAn Amazing arete with a cool first move. boulder is located 50 metres West of the headless duck. A boulder with an amazing looking blank arete. French start on and to the left of the arete, hopping to the only hold 3/4 up arete.traverse out left to finish. Jonathan Redmond2/3/2013
happy slapping pearse5+WickowGlendaloughHeadless Duck areaSame boulder as contact lenses, start on the left arete, traverse out right and finish up the middle of the boulder. Colm Shannon2/3/2013
Foehammer6BWicklowGlendaloughBlack ArtStart in the cave to the right of People of the Sun 8A+ - Left and undercut, right hand low on the sloping lip. Heel hook the lip and Jam onwards. The sit from the prow is a projectDave AytonJan 2013
Sweaty6aWicklowRavens GlenBalls WallStarts in the centre of the wall, from two small crimps with smeared feet, move diagonally to the top to gain a large jug and mantle. Descend at the right hand end of the detached marble sheet. James HaleMay 2013
The Little Arete7a+DonegalCarrickfinn-Problem / Proj 1 in the guide (3* arete)
Climbs the arete straight on
Michael DuffySummer '12
Let it Shine7b+DonegalCarrickfinn-Problem / proj 5 in the guide - the high layback.
Excellent problem, bring lots of mats
Michael DuffySummer '12
Pokery (left)7aWicklowGlendaloughJig/pokeryLh variation to pokery. Same ss, move left onto little holds and topMichael DuffySept 2012
Chuppa Chub ss7bWicklowGlendaloughChuppa Chubss under the block on obvious jugMichael DuffySept 2012
Soul Revolution8b+WicklowGlenmalureBallinafunshogueThe full line from the back. Ss the undercuts, through the groove to finish up the barrel wallMichael Duffy05/03/13
Space Machine7cDublinScalpDiarmos blocStarting up the lhs arete traverse the lip to the rhs arete, please look after the space machineMichael Duffy09/04/2013
The Lone Ranger7cWicklowGlendaloughNear big JaneVery long roof crack in a cave, 50ish meters right of big Jane towards waterfall. Start at the very begining of the crack on narrow, thin, and awful finger locks, feet at the start of crack (block not in). bad finger locks lead to bad hand jams, climb the roof crack out through the entrance and finish by topping out on better hand/fist jams.Jonathan Redmond16/6/2013
Saturday Night Fever6b+WicklowThe ScalpEnvromental boulderThe Arete left of Every Given Sunday (problem 23, page 49). Climbed from the right.Ronan BrownerApril 13
Consolation Prize3DownChimney RockSummit BlockThe curving crack system left of Cloud 9 and directly across from wee arete.
I suspect its been climbed before but cant find a record
Gerard O'Sullivan04-08-2013
The homeward bounders4DownChimney RockSummit Blockthe corner immediately left of consolation prize
some damp higher up
Gerard O'Sullivan04-08-2013
Bella5aDownChimney RockSlabdown hill from the Slab are 2 smaller blocks - the upper grey and the lower white.
On the south west corner of white is a blocky arete which can be climbed with a high jug on the right
Michael Gibson04-08-2013
Betsy6aDownChimney RockSlabthe rounded arete on southeast of white boulder (just right of Bella). good jug on right, heel hook on left then a few desperate moves before it easesMichael Gibson04-08-2013
Boys day out4+DownChimney RockSlabon the east side of grey boulder climb the flake on the left hand side and hand rail across the top of the boulder until intersect with friendly competitionGerard O'Sullivan04-08-2013
Friendly Competition3DownChimney RockSlabThe east side of grey boulder, climb the right hand side of face with some nice balance movesGerard O'Sullivan04-08-2013
Match5+ClareDoolinKostya's WallSS at the start of kinga's problem direct and follow the low, obvious line left across the wall to finish up Warmer. The crux is matching a little ledge toward the end.Cian KearnsJuly 2013
Here today...6aClareDoolinBase CampSS on the arete of the big block that tumbled off the boulder containing Doolin Crack. It's the back left arete, closest to Doolin Crack. An awkward SS leads to slopey holds and a funky topout. With a big swell there's no guarantee that this problem will stick around!Cian KearnsAug 2013
Colm Shannon6b+WicklowLough BrayLakeside BoulderBunched SS under Rainbow, left hand on flat hold, right on good side pull. Move into undercut, gain lip, move right and throw for positive rail. Colm Shannon01/09/2013
One for the Road6CDublinScalpSpace MachineThe groove and slopey top out left of the start of Space Machine - get established on the crimps and lock for a runnel on the slabDave Ayton24/11/13
Dead tree route6aWicklowThe Scalp-Five meters uphill of Space Machine is an overhanging boulder with a dead tree growing out of it. Sit start the right hand side and move left to a good top-out.Cormac Ryan Dec 2013
Bah Humbug7aWicklowGlendaloughNear ChillaxWalk a little past the uberhang, boulder is on the left and about 30 metres into the boulder field. Start on lowest two holds and climb direct to the top, lots of different methods. ( Sarhan24/12/2013
School Days6aLouth Windy GapBehind Myth Boulder-Simon Fell4/3/14
School Days6aLouth Windy GapBehind Myth Boulder-Simon Fell4/3/14
Cian Kearns6aClareDoolinNew ZooAt the back of the newly formed alley on the same boulder as On the Edge. Straight up the vertical face.Cian Kearns7/3/14
Up the Alley6aClareDoolinNew ZooAt the back of the newly formed alley on the same boulder as On the Edge. Straight up the vertical face.Cian Kearns7/3/14
Scamp5ClareDoolinNew ZooStart directly beneath the right hand bulge and climb up over it.Brian Bateson7/3/14
Alley Rat4+ClareDoolinNew ZooOn the same boulder, climb directly up the obvious cracks on juggy holds and finish as for On the Edge.Cian Kearns4/3/14
Bens Staff Party6aClareDoolinNew ZooOn the back of the boulder that has Bob's Traverse a new problem is exposed. Sit start in the corner, pull out over the lip and use the arete to the top. The flat ledge above the corner is avoided.Brian Bateson7/3/14
Egg5ClareDoolinBase CampTo the right of the boulder with Bob's Traverse is a newly exposed boulder. Go straight up the middle of the slightly scooped face.Cian Kearns7/3/14
March Sun5ClareDoolinBase CampIn the vicinity of where Hider once was. Climb the obvious arete, staying on the face. Sit Start.Brian Bateson9/3/14
Fossil6aClareDoolinBase CampThe boulder 3 to the right of Bob's Traverse boulder. Sit start with awkward feet. Two moves on obvious holds leads to top.Cian Kearns12/3/14
Chungking Express6aClareDoolinChungking/Caved inStraight up the vertical face that faces the sea, starting on two acceptable hand holds at eye level. Some take benefit from a heel hook. (Third boulder from the right in the new caved in sector)-15/03/14
Get The Shift5ClareDoolinDoolin Crack/Base CampNorthern face of the remains of the Doolin Crack boulder. Get the shifty stone in the crack, and climb the face with a committing move to the top. -15/03/14
Tony's Tights5ClareDoolinTony's/Caved InTraverse the overhanging lip from right to left on good holds, A pleasant exercise. Remember to curse the finger puddle at the end. (First boulder on the right in the new Caved In zone)Seadna15/03/14
Big School6cLouthLong women's graveSting like a bee boulderStart 1m (ish) left of School Days and climb the blank slab with increasing difficulty top out at the high point. High ball with the crux at the top!Simon Fell21/3/14
Big School6cLouthLong women's graveSting like a bee boulderStart 1m (ish) left of School Days and climb the blank slab with increasing difficulty top out at the high point. High ball with the crux at the top!Simon Fell21/3/14
Bad Music6a+ClareDoolinBase CampOn the inland-facing side of the new Egg problem boulder. Sit start on smallish holds under the lip. Gain the decent side pull above the lip and mantel tentatively to finish straight up the slabby face.Cian Kearns25/03/14
Monkey Bars: The Sequel5+ClareDoolinNew ZooPass through 2 boulders to get from Basecamp to the new Zoo area. Directly in front of you is a new boulder. Sit start on the overhanging arete and use the good hold on lip of the sea-facing side to gain the top.Cian Kearns31/03/14
Whackbat6A+DublinScalpPetrol StationStart on obvious jug under roof, use two big breaks to topDave Ayton11/04/14
Kristofferson6B+DublinScalpPetrol StationStart with foot jam under roof and undercut. Climb steep flakes to tricky rockover onto slabDave Ayton11/04/14
Boggis4+DublinScalpPetrolcentre of the proud slabDave Ayton11/04/14
Flynnstone5DublinScalpPetrol Station-Dave Ayton11/04/14
Ceramic Unicorn6B+DublinScalpPetrol Stationcentre of the face to a tricky topout. Start RH undercut, LH crimp, getting onto the ramp is the cruxDave Ayton11/04/14
Maximus6ADublinScalpPetrol Station-Dave Ayton11/04/14
Lee of the stone6BDublinScalpPetrol Station-Dave Ayton11/04/14
NIMH6ADublinScalpPetrol Stationstart undercutting the block, clamp the fin to topDave Ayton11/04/14
Nicodemus6BDublinScalpPetrol StationStart RH undercut, LH crimp crack. Climb the crack to flake and span to nose of prowDave Ayton11/04/14
Tigerlilly6ADublinScalpPetrol StationStand start, LH sidepull. The Sit would be a cool moveDave Ayton11/04/14
-6BDublinScalpPetrol StationThe beautiful crack to prickly topout James Gernon???
Mr. Ages 6BDublinScalpPetrol StationStart on hanging flake with feet in the roof. Nice holds, nice movesDave Ayton11/04/14
Seadna's Shorts6a?ClareDoolinBase CampSit start the arete diagonally opposite the Here Today problem. First move is easily the hardest and makes the grade uncertain.Cian/SeadnaMarch 14
Friendzone7AWicklowWicklow Gap3 slabs sectorThe 'middle slab' project. Hard rockover leads into delicate moves to gain a good hold below the top.Tom Bannon13/04/2014
Poached Egg5+ClareDoolinBase CampSit start to the "Egg" problem.
Starts on the bottom left of Egg.
Pull on, move right to crimp, left to lip then pushes across to the original starting holds of Egg then go straight up the middle.
Scott Dunney/E.GhesquiereApril 2014
Sun in the valley6aWicklowRocky ValleyHolly Tree CragBoulder at the base of the crag. Traverse left to right on overhung side of the boulder finishing up the small arete.Ed Cox04/05/14
Lazy Sunday6bClareDoolinBase CampBeside "March Sun" on the tall, south facing boulder near the highball wall. Climb up the face without using either arete.Cian Kearns29/6/14
Wave Worm Up6aIreland The Scalp-Sit start on big jug, move onto the lip traverse to lip and top out on big holds.David Naessens 2013
Radiance7a+GalwayInis Mor-Problem 19 in the guide. Starting on the obvious flat hold at the back of the roof, make a hard move via a slot to gain the base of the groove, follow this to the top. The stand is an excellent 6C/6C+ Chris Rooney15/08/2014
Nanomatic7aGalwayInis MorJust to left of P. 19Start on two obvious incut crimps holds on the lip, move left and up. Barry O'Dwyer15/02/2014
Kemo Sabe7aWicklowGlendaloughLone Ranger near Big Jane-Ricky Young10/09/14
Kemo Sabe7aWicklowGlendaloughLone Ranger near Big Jane-Ricky Young10/09/14
Keno Sabe7aWicklowGlendaloughLone Ranger near Big Jane-Ricky Young11/09/14
Barnacles7aKerryWest Cove-Location: 51.762508 degN, -10.054533 degE. Starts on right matching on pinch, moving up left on roof, top out on left most en-echalon fracture. Boulder is in inter-tidal zone, 3 or 4 hour window around low tide to climb. Boulder needs to be cleaned with wire brush/screwdriver/sharp implements in order to remove barnacles. But once done fantastic boulder.

Photo: photo
Paul Murphy25/7/2014