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 Got a tip off at the weekend about some boulders in the forest near the crag of Barnbawn near Glenealy, Wicklow. So went along today more in hope than expectation. There were some boulders near the crag but no bouldering. The rock is very similar to the Scalp, more like quartzite than granite. The forest is a really nice spot and the crag is ok, bit short and scrappy, probably wouldn’t go back. Did a few solos since I was there.

Spotted this on the walk out. About 10 foot high steep but pretty much choss shite. You would have to be desperate.

There are other crags and outcrops around this area but I don’t think they will be worthwhile. The rock isn’t suited to bouldering. Did see one small – 8foot – proper mountain granite erratic so there may well be more but life is too short. There are many more likely spots out there.