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Bouldering book title

Have been doing a decent bit of climbing but haven’t blogged about it as I have been occuppied with finishing my bouldering book. It’s pretty much done bar the cover and deciding on a title.

I have been trying to think of a good title for over a year now and I had hoped one would just fall out of the sky but it hasn’t happened.

So I would like some help settling on one.

First some background on the book. It’s bouldering how-to/instructional manual aimed at beginner and intermediate climbers. It’s starts pretty basic and is focussed on movement and strategy rather than training. There are lots of great photo so it has a coffee table flavor – judge for yourself – see the photos below.

I think it’s pretty comprehensive, it’s not just a beginners book, so I don’t want a title like “Bouldering for Beginners” or “Start Bouldering” (this was my working title for a while) as they suggest that experienced boulderers won’t find anything to use to them.

I would like ‘bouldering’ in the title. I think this is important for search rankings and so on.

There are two options – just plain old bouldering with a subtitleor something bouldering or bouldering something.

I have tried to write down all the options. A lot of which are pretty chessy and generic. I’m open to left of field suggestions (for example I really like the title of “Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills”).

The Bouldering Handbook
The Bouldering Manual
The Complete Guide to Bouldering
Complete Bouldering
Essential Bouldering
Learn Bouldering
Go Bouldering
Start Bouldering
Bouldering Basics
Bouldering Explained
Bouldering Uncovered
Bouldering Essentials
Bouldering for Beginners
Bouldering for Everyone
Bouldering: A guide for beginners and intermediates
Bouldering: How to
Already taken

Better Bouldering
Bouldering: Movement, Tactics and Problem Solving
Anyone have any opinions on any of the above titles?