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Bouldering Meet 2012

The view from Zef’s boulder at midnight.

Friday night was a late one for some of us but we still got to the bouldering before midday on Saturday. It was a dry and mild with a tiny hint of rain that never happened. There wasn’t a huge number of people around so it felt a bit like any given Sunday in Glendo. Saturday night was a pretty mellow affair but we went for a climb on Zef’s boulder just before midnight which was a little strange but very worthwhile. Sunday was perfect. Well far too hot for optimal friction but that didn’t seem to matter. 7 of us headed to Lough Dan which was a great call. We checked out a few of the ultra classics including Shadow, 3 Kings, Karma, Driving Seat and Tony’s Arete.

The attendance was low but I’m not going to dwell on that, if people don’t bother coming it’s their loss. Thanks to everyone who did bother I hope it was worth it.

Was anyone in Glendo on Sunday?

Tim on Black Art.
David on his second ever topout.

Dec on 3 Kings.

Queue on the Karma boulder