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Was in Derryrush today. Got some photos with the timer. My trousers got very wet on the walk in so I had a few goes without them. Then I just decided everything else had to go – except the chalk bag natch. Felt quite nice though you wouldn’t want to do a chinmey in the buff.

Did the first 2/3rds of Highawatta about 5 times up and down for the camera, was so pumped that I had no energy for last move when I went for it after the photos were done. Have done it before think I just pulled harder and reached for the top. Its quite high. What grade is it? 5/5+?

Anyway Highawatta is a brilliant problem and the Chief is a great boulder. In general I find the rock in Derryrush very rough. A world away from the granite of Mall Hill.

Did a bit of exploring, found on quite large boulder but it didn’t seem to have much potential on it. The large roof on the left started at around 6 feet. Its here off the road to Rossaveal. There is loads of rock in the area tons but I’m not sure how many decent boulderers there is. If anyone had a spare week to walk around a bog I’m sure they would find some good stuff.