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Went back to the forest beside Glenmac Waterfall and cleaned another line. Forgot my shovel so couldn’t sort the top. Not a great problem, about 5, highish but on good holds. Lost my mojo for the problems there. Diarmuid has 2 good lines he hasn’t cleaned but hasn’t climbed. There is more to do but its all hard work and the climbing isn’t brilliant. There are better spots to explore.

Checked out a boulder across the road from the forest. Had looked at it before but never tried it (it may have been done before or tried anyway, there was one little edge that looked like it has came off). Diarmuid came along and pretended he wasn’t interested, then shoed up and worked it. He hasn’t named it yet. (he only did it 5 hours ago), I’d say gradewise 6b with a tricky topout. Nice rock, nice moves. There was a brilliant pinch hold that didn’t make the final cut which was a pity. Anyway here’s a vid of it.