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Glenmalura explora

Spent the day in Glenmalure. Revisted the line I found during the summer. Often these things aren’t as impressive on second viewing but this was. Its a great line. Quite indoor in style, 25 to 15 degrees over on quite distinct holds either incut edges, large sloper or slopey edges, around 12 hand moves so quite long. I did a bit of patio-ing, cleaned the holds, tried the moves and then chalked the shit out of it to try and clean it. Going to leave it for a month or two, keeping training then come back, ideally with a spotter and another pad or two.

Checked out a huge roof clearly visible from the road. Impressive but too tall to be a problem and a bit scrappy to be a route.

Then went up the valley to check out some very white looking blocks. Long walk up but I had Sherlock Holmes for company. There are about 6 boulders with potential only one was of interest but it was pretty nice. Furthest from the road. Best way to approach would be on a bike but it won’t be easy. Tried a few problems on it, will be 2 easy ones, a lovely tricky traverse, a nice medium problem, a v hard line and an amazing dyno. On perfect Mall Hill rock.

Spotted a few other boulders on the walk but left them till next time. One of them was your standard granite blob but it had a very thin diving board, about 6+ foot long jutting out of one side, mild bushwack. Oh and a large, overgrown but also overhanging crag!