For the month of November I happy to offer a pre-Christmas discount on Rock Climbing in Ireland, Bouldering in Ireland or Bouldering Essentials exclusively for IMC members as follows:

One Book €20 (saving of €5 – 20% discount)

Two Books €35 (saving of €15 – 30% discount)

Three Books €55 (saving of €20 – 27% discount)

Please specify which books you want if ordering more than one and if you want to collect at the AGM (12th November).

Bouldering in Ireland is the definitive guide to Irish bouldering and contains details of nearly 100 different bouldering areas across Ireland.
Rock Climbing in Ireland is a guide to the best of Irish climbing, covering 400 of the best routes at the best crags.
Bouldering Essentials is a how-to book, the complete guide to Bouldering.

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  1. Hi David

    i hope all is well with you

    Just made payment fr two books

    Can you send me the two bouldering books please

    i am in awesome walls most Tuesday and Thursdays it that is helpful

    thanks Cillian

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