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I think everyone is agreed that the first ascentist of a problems has earned the right to name the problem. Even if sometimes the names are shit and irksome and painful to say out loud.

Boulder are often named sometimes after a problem on them or the area they are in or sometimes its something quite random – like Big Jim.

But what about areas who gets to name them? If the whole point of naming is too identify the place then there is usually a suitable name already in existance. If you think of any bouldering area in Ireland this is the case.So its usually just a matter of picking the right one.

Cloghogue/Ben’s Font in Wicklow was nearly/still is an exception to this. There is a thread about this on the message board but I don’t think there is any point rediscussing it.

Obviously Ayton’s Cave got me thinking about this issue. What do people think about the issue in general and in specific, please post up.