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Was out yesterday in the sunshine checking out Carrigshouk before the ferns took hold. Did some very nice easy problems right beside the road to warm up, might be potential for a good beginners circuit but I deal with this in another post. Got distracted by some boulders on the right hand side of the cliffs then once I got their I saw other boulders up the valley, then in the distance in amounst the clearcut I saw a boulder shining white – a sign of minto rock if Mall Hill is anything to go on – wasn’t sure whether to walk to it, looked about height but it was hard to say, took a gamble. It didn’t get bigger as I got closer but it did look a nice shape. When I was about 200m away I broke into a trot and then a sprint, it kept looking better and better, from around 50m it looked like this wildly overhanginfg flake and I though I had found something special and it was only when I was about 20m away that I saw that it wasn’t that interesting. Very disappointing. One very slabby side one very featured side and one very blank side. Did the juggy arete for the sake of. Was glad I walked over though cause it could of been great. Oh well.

Rest of the day worked out better with some good discoveries.