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Scalp slab

Went to the Scalp this morning to clean a slab that we had tried just over ten years ago. I abbed down and gave it a good clean, some of the ivy had even taken good hold. Sorted the landing and tried the moves on the rope. At first they felt desperate and in my head I had decided I was going to leave it, but after a rest it came together very quickly. I quickly did the crux a few times in a row, which invovles palming down on a smear and a large crystal. Was pleased but this also meant I was going to have to do it.

It’s not that high but the ground drops away and there is a rock. I went through the rest of the moves and gave it another brush. I started trying it from the ground without the rope and it felt pretty ok but I decided to leave it. I will get back later in the week with another pad and a spotter.