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The Cave

Intrigued by the traffic that The Cave seems to be getting I paid it a visit today. Cycled to the Dart and then cycled/pushed bike to The Cave. Took 1hr30 on the way there and 1hr05 on the way back which isn’t too bad. Though Tim said you can drive it in 20mins or cycle in an hour.

I got there 2hours before low tide and had to wade around the corner to get in but the cave is in perfect nick, bone dry. So much drier since I was last there in July last year. My patience for fighting the damp is low at the moment due to the time spent in Wicklow Coast – though this is very dry at the moment as well.

The place is covered in chalk holds, it’s really impressive to see the density of the problem in the space. Impressive and confusing.

I spent my time on Caroline’s Traverse and Loco Total. Got the Good pinch jug on CT but didn’t rock it out.  Took a while to get the jist of LT but it all started to come back to after a while. I hadn’t expected company, low tide was at 14.00, but Kev and John showed up after a while. Such is Ireland 2011 I suppose.

Kev topped up his Vit D and John did a new link up. Starting back left past a bit of LT and finish up can’t remember. Last move was a cool foot cross though into a heel toe jam. Long problem. 40 moves maybe?

The Cave is great and I envy John being so close to it. Its in great nick at the moment so if you haven’t been nows the time to check it out.

We are going to organise a BBQ one evening in early/mid September when the tides are right. Should be good.