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Ayton’s Cave update

John Howard has cleaned up some of the projects in the Cave, he posted details on the new problem database – thanks John.

Seeing as pretty much every problem/link goes through Caroline’s Traverse and Loco Total would people care to comment on their grades. The original grades given by Dave and Caroline were V4/5 and V8 which translates to 6b/6c and 7b (Dave has it at 7c at The problems are the cave are very different from granite cliimbing and very stamina dependant so its not easy to say but I would think CT is about 6b and LT around 7a/7a+? What do people think?

Delirium 7B Dublin Howth Ayton’s Cave Sit start at the obvious chalked right hand sidepull at the back of the cave, squeeze and heelhook your way along the hanging tufa to reach the start of loco (-destroyer extension ~6c/7a), and finish as for loco total John Howard June 2010
Solstice 7B Dublin Howth Ayton’s Cave Climb loco total to the obvious halfway jug before heading directly through the blank looking roof to the crack, finishing at the lip. A beautiful series of moves involving an undercling, incut crimps and intricate footwork John Howard June 2010
Eon 7B+ Dublin Howth Ayton’s Cave The link-up of the destroyer extension into solstice, amazing, get on it! John Howard July 2010
Eclipse 7A+ Dublin Howth Ayton’s Cave A variant to solstice moving left from the jug to a right-hand sidepull/pinch before making a long move to a deep juggy slot(often wet), the roof crack can be gained from this, finish at the lip John Howard July 2010
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