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Bouldering Essentials


Bouldering Essentials is packed with clear, practical advice for everyone interested in bouldering whether a complete beginner looking to learn the basics, an indoor climber keen to start bouldering outdoors or an experienced boulderer who wants to explore advanced topics such as dynamics, strategy, tactics, training and highballing.

With a foreword by renowned climber Johnny Dawes, the book features over 200 stunning photos from the best bouldering areas in the world including Bishop, Castle Hill, Fontainebleau, Hueco Tanks and Rocklands. Bouldering Essentials will provide all the inspiration and information you need to reach your full potential as a boulderer.

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ISBN 978-0-9567874-1-5
Author David Flanagan
Format Paperback, 234x156mm, 192 pages, full colour

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“If you are in your early stages of climbing or know someone who is keen to learn more about this sport then I couldn’t recommend this book enough. Even if you have been bouldering a long time it is a useful coffee table aid to help explain to non-climbing friends exactly why it is you don’t just walk round the back all the time.”

Dan Varian, UK Climbing

“Where “Bouldering Essentials” really shines is in the attention to detail & tone. Just by looking at the choice of photos throughout you can tell that this book is close to the author’s heart. The real sense of enthusiasm comes through in the writing too, and the end result is that the book feels like having an extremely psyched friend taking you by the hand on a tour through all the best bits of bouldering.”

Arch Climbing Wall, London

“I can’t recommend this book enough for the boulderer starting out on the whole adventure –I wish I’d had it twenty years ago. I’d have been a better climber, I’d have touched much more rock and I’d probably have burnt my ropes.”

John Watson, Stone Country Press

“They say a core part of the coach’s role in any sport is to inspire and motivate. Flanagan has clearly taken this on board, and the obvious effort spent on perfecting the visual appeal of Bouldering Essentials has paid off….The array of world class photos is one of the book’s great strengths?….It’s like the book version of your mate who climbs several grades harder than you – there to offer tips, help with tactics and show you the next level really is possible.”

Dave Westlake, RockAndRun.com

“Bouldering Essentials succeeds in not only telling how to play but also inspires to get out there and do it. If you were wondering what to get your bouldering-curious new boyfriend for Christmas, now you know. “

Duncan Critchley, UKBouldering.com

“Bouldering Essentials… covers all the basic to advanced training and the focus is defining and describing everything. You can more or less start anywhere and start reading/learning. All-in-all, a good book for the ones who want an informative bouldering book that will make you understand everything the advanced boulderers are talking about during a bouldering session or trip.”

Jens Larssen, 8a.nu

“Designed to cater to all, from experienced boulderers to complete novice climbers to those who may climb in other disciplines (traditional, sport, etc) and interested in trying their hand at this type of climbing, there is a wealth of information to delve into…Throughout the book, there is beautiful photos used to tempt and inspire.”

Neal McQuaid, Irish Mountain Log

“Bouldering Essentials is a must have book for anyone remotely interested in bouldering, its like a bible for boulderers.”

Ian Fisher, DiscoverBouldering.com

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