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Wicklow Coast – gravel cycle

Work is progressing well on the 2nd edition of Cycling in Ireland. Last week I checked out this gravel route on the Wicklow Coast. Featuring two distinct halves, the first follows a sandy path along the coast between Kilcoole and Wicklow Town, while the second half follows easier ground – quiet roads and nice rough lanes.

I’m putting this route out there in the hope that I might get some feedback on it. Currently I have categorised it as a gravel route and we rode the route on gravel bikes, however it was definitely challenging in places, we had to walk for about 400m through soft sand. This may be pushing the definition of gravel but on the balance, I think the route works well, with plenty of engaging technical riding.

I would really appreciate feedback from anyone who has cycled the path between Kilcoole and Wicklow Town or on the route in general. Thanks