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Glanekeera part 3

Revisited Glanekeera today with Michael and Chris. I was hoping for sunny and cold but it was more damp, icy and cold. The wind was strong and cold in the Wicklow Gap carpark and I wasn’t that optimistic about getting much done. Which was a pity as the last two visits (1 and 2) were more focused on exploring and this time I wanted to climb a few problems.

Went straight to the tire boulder which was sheltered from the wind but damp and icy. Michael cleaned the hard line on the back and him and Chris tried it but conditions were crap. I tried the warm up that I had trouble with last time but it was manky – didn’t stop the lads though. Then did a pointless variation. Checked out and cleaned another boulder and then went to the big fella.

Michael had added and cleaned a line on the left a week or two ago and we build a little landing and he got to work. It looked very nice and very hard and I think we where all a little surprised when he did it in about 6 goes. It took a few goes to figure out the reach over the bulge to a bad sloper and a few more sloper moves and a dicey mantle lead to the top. Its a great problem on great holds up a massive big boulder. Chris videod it but missed the start. Grade is around 7b/7c I’d say but conditons where bad so it would be hard to say.

Glanekeera is a nice spot. Remote but not too far a walk. The rock isn’t the cleanest but there is a good few nice new problems to be done.