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Another review of Bouldering Essentials

The Arch Climbing Wall in London have reviewed Bouldering Essentials, read the review here.

Coming in at 192 full colour pages and slightly larger than A5, it’s certainly not a lightweight skim through either, treading just the right balance of depth and coverage throughout.


For experienced climbers, some of the text may well feel redundant, but the variety and quality of the photos is so good – much higher than photo issues of climbing magazines – that they will easily lose a couple of hours just looking at the images.


Where “Bouldering Essentials” really shines is in the attention to detail & tone. Just by looking at the choice of photos throughout you can tell that this book is close to the author’s heart. The real sense of enthusiasm comes through in the writing too, and the end result is that the book feels like having an extremely psyched friend taking you by the hand on a tour through all the best bits of bouldering.