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Bouldering Essentials is at the printers

After a long battle, much longer than anticipated, I send Bouldering Essentials to the printers last week. Almost two years in production, it started off as an ebook but as I sunk more time into it I decided that it merited printing. I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks to everyone on here who gave advice or feedback, all much appreciated. Just before I uploaded the files to the printer I was doing a quick once over of the cover. Checking that bouldering and my name were all spelt correctly. In my final glance I noticed that the subtitle ‘The complete guide to boulering’ was in fact ‘The compete guide to bouldering’, missing the l, it was missing both on the front and the back cover. Thanksfully I spotted it as otherwise I might of been visiting the pulper ala Alan Partridge.