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Carrigshouk Revisted

Went back to Carrigshouk with Diarmuid and Mark. Warmed up on the white boulders beside the parking then walked down the road to check out more of the easy circuit. Almost immediatly we stumbled across a cluster of 3 boulders – new to me anyway – which had 6 nice problems between them. The highlight was the middle boulder which has a nice face and an arete on each side some are definitly too hard for a beginner circuit but worthwhile documenting somewhere.

We did a few more road side problems and then headed off to the secret place. I had discovered it during the week and was eager to get back with a rope and all the cleaning implements that the modern climber needs.

After a stumble throught the forest, we came upon the boulder and set to work cleaning. There is one pretty good line using the very slopey ledge, the top will be hard and a bit scary though the landing could be worked up so it would meet health and safety regulations.

We then cleaned another nice problem. A slap from a quartz rail to a good hold on the lip to a slap to another sloper and then a very blank topout. We used some very dodgey ropework and shifted a few ton or earth, got eaten by midge and then went home.

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