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Comeraghs preliminary route selection


The following is my first stab at the route selection for the Comeraghs. All the routes below are on the North Facing Cliff in Coushingaun. The list is largely based on suggestions from suggestions made on the Rathformack Climbing Club Facebook page.

I’m unsure whether one of the long routes on The Main Face of Crotty’s Rock would be worth including, they certainly look interesting.

Kishon HVS 5a
Prophets of Baal E1 5b
Emperor’s Nose E1 (5b,5a)Dark Angel HVS (4c,5a)
Talking God E4 (5b,6a)
Crooked Smile HVS (4b,5a)
Tyger Tyger E2 (4b,5c)
Grendel E1 (4b,5b)
Satanic Majesty E3/4 6a
Filamingo HVS 5a
Ansty’s Desire HVS (4b,5a)
A Walk On The West End HS (4a,4c)

Comments welcome.

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