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More Exploring

Went down to Wicklow today to check out some boulders that I had found on Bing Maps. Didn’t have very high hopes but the weather was pretty marginal so it was worth a shot, turned out great. Four really nice boulders with about 12 great lines. The ground was a little damp so will leave them for a month or two to dry out.

Good landings, good rock, an hour from the road. Score.



Nice line directly up the middle up the vague rib, also a low start to the left using the line of shallow pockets just right of the left arete.


Really nice slab with four lines, it’s hard to see in this shot but there are three cracks running up the face.


There is a line up the steep face but it’s hard, as I got close to this one I was hopeful there would be a jug in the hanging corner alas there was only a small crimp. The arete will go and it will be great. Starting low on the right on some undercuts.


This boulder has a bit of puddle under it but it might dry up in the summer. There is a great line up the diagonal arete staring from the jugs and the arete on the right will go as a compression problem using the arete further around the corner.


You see the digaonal arete is quite undercut. There would also be a nice slab problem using the rhs of the right arete.


Brilliant right arete. Very blank and quite steep with no holds. Probably will be quite hard. 13 feet high. This didn’t look like much at all from a distance.