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Went to Glenmalure to try the project. Spent about 2 hours on it, made some progress but not to hit the fingerboard I think.

Checked out some boulders near the carpark at the end of the road. There is a stream coming down from Fraughan that looked like it made a bit of a gorge with a few rounded blocks in it. Bushwacked up to it and everything was too small. Beautiful, pale and very smooth granite though.

Then went to the carpark at Ballinasfushogue, where the waterfall boulder is, and headed up the hillside to the left, after about 10 minutes and some more bushwacking I hit the boulders visible from the road, they are all pretty shite, easy, high outcrops with bad landings. But above the outcrops if one nice boulder right beside a massive pine tree. The steep face has a holdless corner that would be great if it’s climable. The rock is quite smooth and there are no holds but plenty of shapes.To the right of it was an interesting schist wall, slightly overhanging with lots of small horizontal edges. And above this again was a quartz wall. Unusual to have three rock types in that close proximity.