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Gravity Climbing Centre

Who’s excited about Gravity?
Seeing as I haven’t climbing indoors for a few years and its miles from my house I’m not particularly. Having said this I think it will probably have a profound impact on the irish bouldering scene, probably serving as a HQ of sorts. The impact of the co-ops is plain to see. Plenty of people getting out regularly, all friends. At least it seems to be, I spend most of my climbing time solo.

Will there be a defection from the co-ops to Gravity? Will Gravity kill the co-ops? It would be a pity if it did but its probably an inevitable step. Maybe the pity is that the co-ops didn’t spring up 10 years ago.

I just looked through their website and I noticed that they haven’t explicitly said that it will be a bouldering wall – as opposed to a roped wall. I’m assuming it is bouldering only. I wonder how this will go down with the non-climbing masses?

I look forward to checking it out. I hope that they will host a round of the IBL. Be interested to hear the prices.