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The Island – late May/early June

Great to be back for a second time in May, only 3 weeks after my last visit. The weather and school holidays aligned so we decided to head over again. It was lovely to be back so soon, arriving with house and garden in pretty good order.

With roofing not an option as it’s just me and the boy, we were free to relax and just tip away at other little jobs. Some strimming, organising and little updates here and there. This left plenty of time for exploring and just lounging around enjoying the peace of the island.

Looking north and south along the lane that bisects the island.

One of the many beautiful meadows.

I put the finishing touches on the sauna. Adding some more brackets to make the frame more rigid and insulating the interior with foil backed bubble wrap. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to finish the interior, but it was clear that the insulation will be effective. We had one sauna heating the rocks over the fire in a shopping based – sponsored by Dunnes. Our impatience got the better of us and the stones weren’t hot enough to give a good blast of heat, they need 2 plus hours I think.

Looking back towards the island at low tide.

The old cart house at the western end of the house had got very overgrown and needed some attention. We pulled dozens of old glass bottles out of the earth, we will display them somewhere ultimately. Hopefully the weedkiller and layers of tarp will keep the weeds from growing back.

LEFT Heating rocks on the fire. RIGHT The stand for the solar panel. I don’t think I’m going to bother mounting this panel on the roof. It generates more power then we need currently and gets decent light where it is.

LEFT Bat box installed. RIGHT we got a few bags of sheep wool onto the island. Ultimately it will be used to insulate between the rafters in the loft.