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The Plan

The plan is to do the guide is three phases, firstly the dublin area, secondly the wicklow area and thirdly the rest of the country. At the moment I’m not really able to travel much so this way makes sense. Plus if I find the task of doing the guide to the whole country is too much I could just do a Wicklow guide but I really don’t think it come to that.

Format wise the book will be landscape about a5 which seems pretty standard for most modern bouldering guides. The plan at the moment is for the topos to be black and white, for some reason any I have done in color just look very amateur. The layout will be pretty minimal and straightforward allowing me to contrate on the words and photos.

I want to get a really wide variety of photos, some historical ones, nice landscapes and as many as possible that haven’t been seen before.

Toolwise I use Adobe Illustrator to draw the topos and Adobe Indesign to lay it all out. Have used Illustrator for a few years but am learning a lot more recently. Indesign is all new to me but by the end of the year I should be pretty handy with it.