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Camaderry Redux

After spending most of the last year doing an impression of a trad climber I felt it was time to get back to the real thing and do some bouldering so I went for a walk up a hill – Camaderry – and looked at some rocks.

I have spend a few days up there over the last few years and there is plenty of rock but it’s a confusing, disorienting place and it’s hard to get a sense of how much good bouldering there is. On Wednesday I spend two cold hours exploring the hillside, I started straight up from The Tank and then contoured across to meet the higher part of the cliffs in the basin before dropping down and returning to the car.

Exploring is funny, the mind plays tricks, inflating potential between visits and then the disappointment of reality. I’m not sure what I was expecting to find and I wasn’t blown away but I did see a good few problems that are worth going back to. One thing I did find that was very unexpected was chalk, looks like someone had been on one of the boulders, the nice, rhomboid not far above The Tank. Anyway here are a few photos.

IMG_5403 IMG_5407 IMG_5408 IMG_5417 IMG_5422 IMG_5427 IMG_5428 IMG_5429 IMG_5430 IMG_5431 IMG_5434 IMG_5435 IMG_5436 IMG_5437 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5444 IMG_5445 IMG_5447 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 Untitled_Panorama1