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Font tomorrow

 Heading to Font tomorrow for 4 days climbing. Early start, flying at 6.45 which is nasty. Thanks to the timely arrival of Gravity I’m probably better trained than I have been in a few years. Since Christmas I have been their an average of 3 times a week which is a lot considering I hadn’t even been to a wall for two years before that. Have only climbed once in the last week but badly needed a rest before that. Feel a bit over rested now but its probably no harm if I’m planning to climb 4 days in a row.

Its always a challenge to get the most out of trips to Font. I’m not a big fan of rest days which means the body especially the elbows really start to hurt after a few days. The circuits at the wall have been great for doing volume so hopefully that will help be I feel no matter what I did I will be in agony on the last day. When I went in September I climbed for 6 out of the 7 days, granted I stuck to blues and didn’t climb too much each day but I found after about 5 days the pain started to get a little better rather than worse.

Did a bit of research and did up a ticklist of sorts. No really a ticklist more a list of problems I would like to look at and try if I can.

Là où Finit la Raie des Fesses Isatis 7a http://bleau.info/isatis/1777.html
L’Ultime Secret Isatis 7a+ http://bleau.info/isatis/2732.html
Delicatessen Puiselet Le Paradis 6c http://bleau.info/puiselet/9750-7174.html
Biotope Puiselet Mont Sarrasin 7a http://bleau.info/sarrazin/14322.html
Duroxmanie Cuivier Est 6c http://bleau.info/cuvierest/1535.html
Beatlejuice stand Cuisinière 6a
Le Surplomb de la Coquille Franchard 6c http://bleau.info/plaines/1547.html
Beurre Marga Isatis 6b+ http://bleau.info/isatis/1538.html
Le Toit Ouvrant Isatis 6a http://bleau.info/isatis/8885.html
L’Angle du Sérac / L’angle Facial Isatis 6b+ http://bleau.info/isatis/2355.html
Le Cure-Dents, L’Arc de Cercle, Le Grand Dièdre 91.1 5+/ 6a/ 6a+
Travaux Forcés Gorge aux Chats 6b http://bleau.info/chats/1546.html
La Voie Michaud Elephant 6c http://bleau.info/elephant/7850.html
Le Swing Medium Buthiers 6b http://bleau.info/y/8200.html
Moondance Cuisinière Crête Sud 6a http://bleau.info/cretesud/3262.html
Duel dans la Lune 95.2 6c http://bleau.info/95.2/1548.html
Le Kilo de Beurre 95.2 5 http://bleau.info/95.2/3763.html
Le Trou du Simon Cuivier 6a http://bleau.info/cuvier/1953.html
Le Bossu Rocher Canon 6b http://bleau.info/canon/3291.html
La Clavicule / Kilo de Beurre / Pif Paf Cuivier 5+/6b/7a http://bleau.info/cuvier/1149.html
Gigi Gorge Aux Chats 6b http://bleau.info/chats/9029.html
Le Meilleur des Mondes Bois Rond 6a http://bleau.info/rond/1796.html
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