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Font trip

L’Angle du Serac, Isatis.

Spent Thursday morning to Monday morning in Font. Trip was a great laugh but not ideal from a climbing point of view, first day was a washout, damp, still and misty, the second and third day we got a few hours climbing on a limited number of problems in 95.2, the fourth day was much better and we climbed in Isatis which was pretty dry by the afternoon. I managed to bruise both my heels on the first days climbing, thanks to our very soft hire pads. They were very sore and prevented me getting the most out of the good day. I have come to the conclusion that while I enjoy the atmosphere of bouldering in a big group I don’t find it very motivating (maybe I’ve spent too much time climbing on my own). I don’t have an interest in being part of a procession up a problem. I need to do more sloping off on my own when I’m in that situation.

Didn’t make any dent on the ticklist but did put some time into L’Angle du Serac, a very clear arete in Isatis. It is purely technical in the sense that strength doesn’t come into it, the only hand hold – the arete – is good and you don’t even really pull on it. It’s all about body position and footwork. In the photo my left foot is on the downward sloping credit card edge that you need to stand up on to reach the top. Great problem.

We stayed in a very nice gite south of Nemours (number 96 I think) which made for a lot of driving which was a bit of a pain. It was blessed with a table tennis table which saw heavy traffic and blunted the edge of the frustration with the weather.

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