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Glanekeera part 2

Went back to Glanekeera today with Michael Duffy. I wanted to check out some of the stuff I had seen from a distance last time I was there. Approached differently from last time and struck gold first boulder. I had seen it form a distance and wasn’t sure if it was going to be big enough but it certainly was. I did one easy problem. And flailed on the warm up that was trickier than it looked. There are six execellent lines to be done on it. Haven’t given the boulder a name but it must reference the massive truck tire that lies beside it,.

Next up we found a nice square cut block with 3 more problem to be done on it.

Showed Micheal the big bastard that I found last time. It’s a huge block – contender for biggest in Wicklow – but the steepest line is short a hold or two. There is a great line or two to be done on the LHS and maybe a nice route up the middle. Would love to lash a few pegs into it.

Next up was a lovely blank wall just less than vertical with two parallel lines of flakes on it. Not much for the feet for the crux start. Great line. Looks like it might start seeping soon.

Had a quick go on the Glanekeera Roof itself, felt as dodge as usual.

On the way back to the car we came across this boulder. Not that tall but with potential for 4 nice problems. It merits a return visit.

Lastly after 6 hours of walking Micheal pointed out one last boulder. Right beside the carpark in Wicklow Gap is that nice wall. Very juggy, an excellent spot to warm up. It may well have been climbed before. But I’m going to claim it anyway.

So very successful day. Found about 18 great lines.