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Went to Glendo today with a list of shots to get for the book. It was sunny and there was a good breeze, I’d say the conditions would of been pretty good in the shade but I was in the sun taking photos. I downloaded some extra firmware for the camera called Magic Lantern that does lots of weird and wonderful things but most importantly for me it has an intervalometer and I can trigger shots by clapping which is pretty cool makes life a lot easier. The ground was pretty damp and there were lots of little streams crossing the path on the walk in. The river has also got pretty close to Big Jim could be a deep water solo soon. The recent rain has washed away all the chalk which was nice made the place feel nice and fresh. There is an impressive bare patch of earth below Smear Test. I bought some new tshirts just for the occasion and none of them were brown, green or grey. Makes all the difference.