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May bank holiday weekend – part 1

Got up early on Friday and hit the road with Diarmuid with the goal of doing Carrot Ridge and then catching the evening ferry to Inishmore. The drive was quick and we parked up at the end of the road and hot footed it. The walk is steep but wasn’t as bad as last time – no hangover. Just as Diarmuid racked up it started to drizzle but it was never an issue and we were in and out of the cloud all day. D strung the first two pitches together, its a good long pitch but pretty easy, not sure it’s even vdiff. Runout though. I swung one quick lead to the foot of p3 which has a steep start and then slabby to the base of the chimney. From the top of the chimney it’s pretty easy but we moved together up the second step and then put the rope away. I dropped the nut key and had to go back down to get it. Second week in a row I have dropped something, last time it was my helmet.

Descend was tricky, quite steep and very loose scree. Have to avoid a few cliffs but very ok if you are patient and take your time. Where quicker than last time.  Diarmuid can you remember the times? Took 1hr40 including photos shoots the diversion to get the nut key. Could be soloed in 40mins quite easily I would think.

Had plenty of time to sleep in the car park in Rossaveal and saw two very nice – “stop the car” – granite problems in a road cutting on the way.